Articles by Akhilesh Pokhariyal


Elastic APM for iOS and Android Native apps

This blog provides an overview of the key capabilities included in the Elastic APM solution for iOS and Android native apps, as well as a walkthrough of the configuration details and troubleshooting workflow for a few error scenarios.


Elastic Observability 8.12: GA for AI Assistant, SLO, and Mobile APM support

Elastic Observability announces the general availability for SLO and Mobile APM and introduces a knowledge base for the AI Assistant.


Elastic Observability 8.7: Enhanced observability for synthetic monitoring, serverless functions, and Kubernetes

Elastic Observability 8.7 introduces a new user experience for working with synthetics monitors, distributed tracing for Azure Functions, and monitoring for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Autopilot clusters.


APM correlations in Elastic Observability: Automatically identifying probable causes of slow or failed transactions

An overview on how Elastic Observability and APM correlations can help diagnose and troubleshoot application issues. We will cover a real-life application issue and review some other common scenarios where APM is commonly used by developers and SREs.


Get visibility into AWS Lambda serverless functions with Elastic Observability

An overview of Elastic Observability’s new capabilities around monitoring AWS Lambda functions in your cloud-native environment. Get detailed insights into your distributed, microservices architecture and applications through our APM capabilities.