Articles by Amena Siddiqi

Product Marketing Director, Observability, Elastic


Cloud-native observability from customer to kernel

From its inception as a powerhouse for logging, Elastic Observability has grown into a comprehensive solution for full-stack, cloud-native observability. Upcoming enhancements include eBPF-based continuous profiling and all-new synthetic monitoring.


Elastic Observability 8.4: Smarter alert management, new K8s dashboards, and more

Elastic Observability 8.4 introduces smarter alert management, new Kubernetes dashboards, and simplified APM instrumentation for OpenTelemetry and AWS cloud services, accelerating root cause analysis and data onboarding in cloud-native environments.


Get visibility into AWS Lambda serverless functions with Elastic Observability

An overview of Elastic Observability’s new capabilities around monitoring AWS Lambda functions in your cloud-native environment. Get detailed insights into your distributed, microservices architecture and applications through our APM capabilities.


Elastic Observability 8.3: Broader observability for cloud, SaaS, and big data

Elastic Observability 8.3 continues to simplify and streamline visibility for a wide variety of modern environments, including serverless logs forwarding for AWS and performance insights for Salesforce and Hadoop.


Elastic Observability 8.2: Tail-based sampling, plus more serverless visibility for AWS

Elastic Observability 8.2 delivers enhanced support for cloud-native environments with the ability to fine-tune distributed tracing with smarter tail-based sampling, capture serverless traces from AWS Lambda, and further simplify ingest of AWS logs.


Elastic Observability 8.1: Visibility into AWS Lambda, CI/CD pipelines, and more

With Elastic Observability 8.1, development teams can now get enhanced visibility into AWS Lambda and CI/CD build pipelines, and leverage open standards based instrumentation for unified data ingest and analysis across a wide variety of data types.


Elastic Observability 7.16: Ad hoc analytics and CI/CD pipeline visibility

Elastic Observability 7.16 introduces powerful ad hoc analytics, further extends one-click visibility into complex environments, including build and deployment tools in the CI/CD pipeline, and a new native data integration with AWS FireLens.


Elastic and AWS: Accelerating the cloud migration journey

Learn how Elastic enables organizations to monitor, analyze, and protect AWS and on-premise workloads within a single pane of glass — at every stage of a cloud adoption journey. This can help teams stay on budget and on time.


Elastic Observability 7.15: Automated correlations, frictionless log ingestion from Google Cloud

Keep your apps performant and error-free. Accelerate troubleshooting with automated correlations, unified views across service logs and dependencies, and agentless log ingestion from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) — new in Elastic Observability 7.15.