Articles by Udayasimha Theepireddy (Uday)

Senior Principal Solution Architect, Elastic


Elastic part of a select group with AWS Generative AI Competency

Elastic joins a select group of vendors that has achieved AWS’s new Generative AI Partner Competency. It highlights Elastic’s deep technical expertise with generative AI in AWS and proven customer success securing the cloud journey for organizations.


How Elastic AI Assistant for Security and Amazon Bedrock can empower security analysts for enhanced performance

The Elastic AI Assistant for Security coupled with Anthropic’s Claude model via Amazon Bedrock can elevate a security team’s posture and eliminate mundane tasks.


Maximizing security insights: A deep dive into the Amazon Security Lake and Elastic Security integration

Elastic’s integration with Amazon Security Lake facilitates the collection of security-related log and event data. It also empowers organizations to analyze their security posture comprehensively to protect data across their entire organization.


Revolutionizing big data management: Unveiling the power of Amazon EMR and Elastic integration

Amazon EMR allows you to easily run and scale big data workloads. With Elastic’s native integration, you'll find the confidence to monitor, analyze, and optimize your EMR clusters, opening up exciting opportunities for your data-driven initiatives.


Achieving seamless API management: Introducing AWS API Gateway integration with Elastic

With Elastic's AWS API Gateway integration, application owners and developers unlock the capability to proactively identify and resolve problems, fine-tune resource utilization, and provide extraordinary digital experiences to their users.


Generative AI using Elastic and Amazon SageMaker JumpStart

Learn how to build a GAI solution by exploring Amazon SageMaker JumpStart, Elastic, and Hugging Face open source LLMs using the sample implementation provided in this post and a data set relevant to your business.


Elastic and AWS — Securing the cloud, together

Elastic has achieved AWS Security ISV Competency Partner status by working closely with AWS. This recognition highlights Elastic’s deep technical expertise with security in AWS and proven customer success securing the cloud journey for organizations.


Unleash the power of Elastic and Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose to enhance observability and data analytics

AWS users can now leverage the new Amazon Kinesis Firehose Delivery Stream to directly ingest logs into Elastic Cloud in real time for centralized alerting, troubleshooting, and analytics across your cloud and on-premises infrastructure.


Elastic joins AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights to streamline risk assessment and software procurement

Deploying Elastic Cloud on AWS has never been easier. AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights helps you streamline your risk assessment process and fast-track your journey to the cloud.