Articles by Jamie Hynds

Senior Product Manager, Elastic


NEW! Elastic Security 8.13: Manage benchmark rules and automated endpoint responses

Elastic Security 8.13 unveils an enhanced benchmark rules page, simplifying navigation and decision-making with enable/disable controls. Automate endpoint actions, such as process termination, to accelerate incident response and threat mitigations.


Maximizing security insights: A deep dive into the Amazon Security Lake and Elastic Security integration

Elastic’s integration with Amazon Security Lake facilitates the collection of security-related log and event data. It also empowers organizations to analyze their security posture comprehensively to protect data across their entire organization.


What’s new in Elastic Security 8.11: Piped queries, AI assistance, and cloud and user data

Elastic Security 8.11 brings ES|QL piped queries, AI Assistant upgrades, and data integrations for Okta, Microsoft Entra ID, Wiz, and Palo Alto Prisma Cloud.


Elastic Security 8.7 helps security practitioners eliminate alert fatigue, drive MTTR lower, and better secure cloud environments

Elastic Security 8.7 helps security practitioners eliminate alert fatigue, reduce MTTR, and better secure cloud environments through integrated SIEM, cloud security, and endpoint security.


Easily ingest data to Elastic via Splunk

Enjoy all that Elastic solutions have to offer while keeping your Splunk ingest technologies in place. In this blog post, we walk you through an experimental integration that automatically maps Splunk-ingested data to Elastic Common Schema.


Elastic Common Schema: The journey so far

It's been just over two years since we introduced the Elastic Common Schema (ECS), and what a journey it’s been. ECS has evolved rapidly over these two years. In this post, we reflect on the ECS journey so far, and where the common will go from here.