Articles By Mike Paquette

23 October 2018 Engineering

Improve Security Analytics with the Elastic Stack, Wazuh, and IDS

By Mike PaquetteSantiago Bassett

Using Wazuh signature-based HIDS and Elastic machine learning can make cyber threat detection easier and investigations more efficient.

03 April 2018 Engineering

Securing GDPR Personal Data with Access Controls

By Christian DahlqvistMike Paquette

Securing and controlling access to personal data is fundamental to GDPR. See how Elastic security features can help support a wide range of access policies.

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27 March 2018 Engineering

Protecting GDPR Personal Data with Pseudonymization

By Dale McDiarmidMike Paquette

GDPR lists pseudonymization as a technical measure that can be used to protect personal data. We explore an approach for implementing it in the Elastic Stack.

21 March 2018 User Stories

OmniSOC: High Speed Threat Detection at the Big Ten

By Mike Paquette

Big Ten schools, led by Indiana University, team up to apply the power of the Elastic Stack to protect their students, faculty, and staff from cyber attacks.

08 March 2018 Engineering

A Quick Flight over GDPR: Ten topics from our GDPR & Elasticsearch session at Elastic{ON} 2018

By Mike Paquette

GDPR is coming, but not yet enforced, and there’s no history of audit findings. Elastic users discuss 10 topics in our GDPR BoF Session at Elastic{ON} 2018.

23 February 2018 Engineering

Introduction to GDPR with Elasticsearch

By Mike Paquette

We get this question a lot: “We have a lot of data in our Elasticsearch cluster. Some of this data requires GDPR compliance. What advice do you have?”

12 September 2017 News

Introducing the Elastic Stack ArcSight Integration

By Alvin ChenMike Paquette

The new Elastic Stack ArcSight integration makes it easier than ever for ArcSight users to explore their security event logs in the Elastic Stack.

03 August 2017 Engineering

Integrating Elasticsearch with ArcSight SIEM - Part 6 - Detecting Unusual Processes with X-Pack Machine Learning

By Dale McDiarmidMike Paquette

In this post we explore a more automated approach to the same challenge using machine learning.

17 May 2017 Engineering

Using Machine Learning and Elasticsearch for Security Analytics: A Deep Dive

By Mike Paquette

A walk through what it means to use machine learning to detect anomalies that are associated with cyber threat behaviors in log data living in Elasticsearch.