Elastic part of a select group with AWS Generative AI Competency


We’re delighted to announce that Elastic® has earned the AWS Generative AI Competency status. This distinction is given by AWS to partners that have created cutting-edge generative AI solutions and helped customers realize significant gains in business efficiency, creativity, and productivity. Elastic earned this status after undergoing a thorough validation process, which included a detailed technical audit of Elastic’s generative AI capabilities and a review of customer case studies.

Our achievement of the Generative AI Competency is a significant milestone. Elastic’s generative AI innovations are helping customers build exciting use cases. AWS’s Generative AI Competency Partners have proven themselves as leading the pack in leveraging generative AI technology, such as Amazon Bedrock and Amazon SageMaker Jumpstart. By leveraging Elastic's solutions on AWS, Elastic customers are benefiting from the scalability and agility of cloud while maintaining the highest levels of speed and innovation with generative AI.

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What is Elastic’s solution for generative AI apps?

Elasticsearch Relevance Engine™ (ESRE) leverages Amazon Bedrock and enables customers to build next-generation search experiences. ESRE gives you the tools to combine your organization’s proprietary data with Amazon Bedrock to build apps that provide relevant answers tailored to your specific business domain.

ESRE ships with support for leading natural language processing (NLP) libraries and includes a feature-rich vector database and tools for precision and relevance tuning of search results. Here’s how developers can use ESRE tools to build intuitive and meaningful search experiences for both your customers and employees:

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  • Retrieval augmented generation: Give large language models (LLMs) business-specific information using your private data (not just publicly trained data). Use Elasticsearch® for high-relevance context windows that draw on your proprietary data to improve LLM output and relevance. Access generative AI with APIs and plugins integrated with the LLM of your choice.
  • Elastic Learned Sparse EncodeR (ELSER): Our sparse vector model delivers highly relevant semantic search out of the box without domain adaptation. It's available with one click while configuring your search application. Elastic Learned Sparse EncodeR expands queries with related keywords and relevance scores, so they’re easily interpretable and ready for use right away.
  • Vector database: Get a full vector search experience at scale — create, store, and search vector embeddings. Capture meaning and context of your unstructured data, including text and images with embeddings for dense, sparse, and hybrid retrieval.
  • Document-level security: Implement role-based access controls, and secure your embeddings at the document level to ensure data is in the right hands.
  • Bring your own transformer models: Bring public or proprietary transformer models into Elastic, or upload pre-trained models from third-party repositories with support for a variety of supported architectures, such as BERT, BART, ELECTRA, and more.
  • RRF hybrid ranking: Reciprocal rank fusion (RRF) is a method for combining document rankings from multiple retrieval systems. Hybrid ranking with RRF lets you tune search results from multiple retrievers with less effort.
  • Data integrations and ingestion libraries: Use familiar tools, such as Elastic Agent or Logstash®, to index your data, as well as an ever-expanding list of integrations — Confluence, Amazon S3, or Google Drive. Leverage native database connectors, such as MySQL and MongoDB, and a web crawler for online sources. For custom app data, use Kibana® APIs or build your own connector with thoughtful frameworks.

Why does this matter to Elastic and AWS customers?

Many organizations are on a digital transformation journey to provide increased value to end users. AWS Competency Partners have proven expertise and technical capabilities to help you succeed at each stage of your cloud adoption journey.

By attaining the Generative AI Competency, Elastic has demonstrated its ability to deliver best-in-class generative AI solutions on AWS that can help you build next-generation search experiences. This achievement sits alongside many other third-party validations that provide the assurance to rely on Elastic’s generative AI solutions to help deliver search experiences that your users want.

Leading companies around the world, including Karbon, Personal Capital, and DISH, have benefited from running Elastic on their AWS environments — and you can, too.

Ready to build? Start a 7-day free trial via AWS Marketplace, and create your own generative AI apps. Need some inspiration? Check out our Elastic and Amazon SageMaker JumpStart.

The release and timing of any features or functionality described in this post remain at Elastic's sole discretion. Any features or functionality not currently available may not be delivered on time or at all.

In this blog post, we may have used or referred to third party generative AI tools, which are owned and operated by their respective owners. Elastic does not have any control over the third party tools and we have no responsibility or liability for their content, operation or use, nor for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of such tools. Please exercise caution when using AI tools with personal, sensitive or confidential information. Any data you submit may be used for AI training or other purposes. There is no guarantee that information you provide will be kept secure or confidential. You should familiarize yourself with the privacy practices and terms of use of any generative AI tools prior to use. 

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