Articles by Aditya Tripathi

Principal Product Marketing Manager


Understanding AI search algorithms

Unlock the potential of AI search algorithms. Understand the importance and applications of these algorithms, explore their key elements, and discover the different types available.


Choosing an LLM: The 2024 getting started guide to open-source LLMs

Discover the top open-source large language models (LLMs) in our 2024 guide. Learn how LLMs are revolutionizing natural language processing and compare which LLMs are best for you.


Elastic Search 8.12: Making Lucene fast and developers faster

Elasticsearch and Kibana 8.12 deliver the fastest release of Apache Lucene ever, with key innovations built to serve customer use cases. Search developers can utilize and manage ML embeddings with multi-vendor configurations with just one API call.


Evolution of Workplace Search: Search your private data with Elasticsearch

Workplace Search functionality will merge with Elastic Search in the future. Here’s what you need to know.


Elasticsearch and LangChain collaborate on production-ready RAG templates

Learn about how Elasticsearch and LangChain have collaborated on production-ready RAG templates.


Relativity uses Elasticsearch and Azure OpenAI to build futuristic search experiences, today

Elasticsearch Relevance Engine is a set of tools for developers to build AI-powered search applications. Relativity, the eDiscovery and legal search tech company, is building next-generation search experience with Elastic and Microsoft Azure Open AI.


Elastic Enterprise Search 8.7: New connectors, extraction rules for web crawler, and search analytics client beta

Enterprise Search 8.7 improves content ingestion. The MySQL connector adds advanced filtering capabilities, Web Crawler adds custom content extraction, and the connector library adds Postgres, Oracle, MS SQL, and cloud blob storage on GCP and Azure.


Elastic Enterprise Search 8.6: Reduce time to relevant search results — for file systems, MongoDB, and Amazon S3

Elastic Enterprise Search 8.6 brings new connectors and tools to reduce the time to relevant search results for content on file systems, network drives, MongoDB, and Amazon S3.