Articles by Hemant Malik

Senior Principal Solutions Architect, Elastic

Hemant Malik is a principal solutions architect for Elastic, based out of Greater Seattle Area. Hemant is an Azure Certified Solutions Architect and has been working with users of Elastic since 2017. Before Elastic, Hemant worked at Oracle, where he focused on helping users integrate applications, services, data, and humans into their business processes.


Elastic Observability monitors metrics for Microsoft Azure in just minutes

Follow this step-by-step process to enable Elastic Observability for Microsoft Azure metrics.


Relativity uses Elasticsearch and Azure OpenAI to build futuristic search experiences, today

Elasticsearch Relevance Engine is a set of tools for developers to build AI-powered search applications. Relativity, the eDiscovery and legal search tech company, is building next-generation search experience with Elastic and Microsoft Azure Open AI.


Elastic wins the 2023 Worldwide and US Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Commercial Marketplace

Elastic has been recognized as the 2023 Microsoft Worldwide Commercial Marketplace Partner of the Year and the US Business Transformation Commercial Marketplace Partner of the Year, showcasing Elastic as a top Global ISV partner with Microsoft.


Elastic continues to innovate and grow through Microsoft partnership

Elastic’s partnership momentum with Microsoft Azure continues to grow as evidenced by our Azure Native ISV Service that enables users to easily provision, manage, and tightly integrate Elastic on Azure.


Trace your Azure Function application with Elastic Observability

Serverless applications deployed on Azure Functions are growing in usage. This blog shows how to deploy a serverless application on Azure functions with Elastic Agent and use Elastic's APM capability to manage and troubleshoot issues.


Maximizing the experience of Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes with Azure Kubernetes Service

Elastic on Azure allows you to harness your data to better understand customers, refine operations, and develop trusted long-term relationships.


Elastic and Microsoft Azure: Unified observability for Spring Boot applications

Seamlessly ship Microsoft Azure Spring Cloud logs and metrics into Elastic and monitor every step of your cloud journey. Gain a holistic view across Spring Boot applications and other data sets in your cloud and on-premises environments.