Articles by Fermi Fang

Product Marketing Associate, Elastic


How does combining search with AI solve enterprise data problems?

Enterprises today are drowning in data and struggling to harness it. Combining generative AI's analytical capabilities with search technology's precision can help organizations find answers to complex business problems in real time, at scale.


Bridging IT intelligence and business KPIs with AI: The elephant in the room

Business observability provides a holistic view of the enterprise by integrating data from various domains while using AI for deep insights and real-time action. Discover how you can get business observability working for you.


The hidden data challenges CIOs face on their quest to accelerate business outcomes

CIOs are on a quest to boost resilience, mitigate risks, and improve customer experiences. Hidden beneath the surface are data challenges that can impede progress. Once you can identify these challenges, you can turn them into opportunities.


Achieve operational resilience with a flexible data store

Are you prepared for the unexpected? A resilient data store helps to ensure that an application performs optimally and data integrity is maintained. Discover what to look for in your data store solution to help you achieve operational resilience.


Fortifying data security: 5 features your data store must have

One way to help mitigate security risks and avoid reputational damage, financial losses, and lost customer trust? Choose a data store with the right features like access control, audit logging, and data masking, just to name a few.


Modernize cloud security, increase observability coverage, and more with Elastic 8.7

Elastic 8.7 features the general availability of cloud workload protection (CWP), time series database (TSDB), and more.


5 factors to consider when migrating Elastic to the cloud

Learn how Elastic addresses these five key factors —business continuity during migration, total cost of ownership optimization, disaster recovery, compliance, and security — to ensure your smooth transition to the cloud.


5 ways to enhance your Elastic experience with the cloud

Learn how these five key benefits of cloud computing — elasticity, security, cost, reliability, and geographic coverage— can be leveraged to maximize your Elastic experience and deliver the best return on your investment.


Elastic and Microsoft Azure: Unified observability for Spring Boot applications

Seamlessly ship Microsoft Azure Spring Cloud logs and metrics into Elastic and monitor every step of your cloud journey. Gain a holistic view across Spring Boot applications and other data sets in your cloud and on-premises environments.