Articles by Bahubali Shetti

Senior Director, Product Marketing, Elastic


Elastic's RAG-based AI Assistant: Analyze application issues with LLMs and private GitHub issues

In this blog, we review how GitHub issues and other GitHub documents from internal and external GitHub repositories can be used in root cause analysis with Elastic’s RAG-based AI Assistant.


Analyzing OpenTelemetry apps with Elastic AI Assistant and APM

Elastic Observability provides native OpenTelemetry support, but analyzing applications logs, metrics, and traces can be daunting. Elastic Observability not only provides AIOps features but also an AI Assistant (co-pilot) to help get to MTTR faster.


Build better Service Level Objectives (SLOs) from logs and metrics

To help manage operations and business metrics, Elastic Observability's SLO (Service Level Objectives) feature was introduced in 8.12. This blog reviews this feature and how you can use it with Elastic's AI Assistant to meet SLOs.


Optimizing Observability with ES|QL: Streamlining SRE operations and issue resolution for Kubernetes and OTel

ES|QL enhances operational efficiency, data analysis, and issue resolution for SREs. This blog covers the advantages of ES|QL in Elastic Observability and how it can apply to managing issues instrumented with OpenTelemetry and running on Kubernetes.


From pipe dreams to reality: Announcing Elastic’s piped query language, ES|QL

Introducing ES|QL: Elastic's piped query language. Transform, enrich, and simplify data investigations with concurrent processing, efficient searches across data, and all-in-one screen aggregations and visualizations delivering iterative workflows.


Native OpenTelemetry support in Elastic Observability

Elastic offers native support for OpenTelemetry by allowing for direct ingest of OpenTelemetry traces, metrics, and logs without conversion, and applying any Elastic feature against OTel data without degradation in capabilities.


Context-aware insights using the Elastic AI Assistant for Observability

Harness the power of generative AI to turn insights into actions. Powered by the Elasticsearch Relevance Engine™, Elastic’s AI Assistant transforms problem identification with an interactive assistant that delivers context-aware remediation for SREs.


The power of effective log management in software development and operations

This blog explains the importance of log management, best practices, and tools for managing logs efficiently. From identifying errors to troubleshooting issues, learn how to leverage log management for enhanced performance and streamlined operations.


Best practices for instrumenting OpenTelemetry

Instrumenting OpenTelemetry is complex. Even using auto-instrumentation requires understanding details about your application and OpenTelemetry configuration options. We’ll cover the best practices for instrumenting applications for OpenTelemetry.