Articles by Bahubali Shetti


Wait… Elastic Observability monitors metrics for AWS services in just minutes?

Get metrics and logs from your AWS deployment and Elastic Observability in just minutes! We’ll show you how to use Elastic integrations to quickly monitor and manage the performance of your applications and AWS services to streamline troubleshooting.


Independence with OpenTelemetry on Elastic

OpenTelemetry has become a key component for observability given its open standards and developer-friendly tools. See how easily Elastic Observability integrates with OTel to provide a platform that minimizes vendor lock-in and maximizes flexibility.


Managing your Kubernetes cluster with Elastic Observability

Unify all of your Kubernetes metrics, log, and trace data on a single platform and dashboard, Elastic. From the infrastructure to the application layer Elastic Observability makes it easier for you to understand how your cluster is performing.