Articles by George Kobar

Principal Product Marketing Manager, Elastic

George has worked in technology industry for the last 14 years in multiple technical capacities. He has helped Fortune 500 companies with their technology strategy by creating designs and architectures to fit their needs. Helping write certifications on Cloud shows mastery on the subject. At Elastic he supports customers and their use cases.


From pipe dreams to reality: Announcing Elastic’s piped query language, ES|QL

Introducing ES|QL: Elastic's piped query language. Transform, enrich, and simplify data investigations with concurrent processing, efficient searches across data, and all-in-one screen aggregations and visualizations delivering iterative workflows.


Elastic Stack 8.10: Simpler cross-cluster search and authentication, and more

Simplify configuring cross-cluster search, execute vector search faster, detect data drifts and log rate dips, stream Elastic Agent to Kafka, and authenticate Webhook connector using third-party security certificates with Elastic Stack 8.10.


Elasticsearch vs. OpenSearch: Unraveling the performance gap

Elasticsearch outperforms OpenSearch by being 40%–140% faster and using fewer resources. A comparison across text querying, sorting, date histogram, range, terms, and resource utilization indicates substantial differences between the two.


Elastic Stack 8.9: Faster cross-cluster searches and aggregations on metrics

Elastic Stack 8.9 delivers significant speed-up of aggregations for metrics, faster and more reliable cross-cluster searches, and management of alert rules using Terraform.


Elastic Stack & Cloud: Start from AWS in 3 clicks, learn about Elastic’s serverless vision

Get started from the AWS marketplace in just 3 clicks. Discover a vision for serverless built on a new stateless Elasticsearch architecture. Benefit accelerated time to insights, ease of use for a wide range of ML models, including vector search.


Elasticsearch 8.3: Easily revive that old data archive

Don’t let data go end of life. Simply use snapshots as archives in Elasticsearch 8.3 to easily and quickly search your old data for governance, security investigations, and historical lookbacks – now GA.


Elasticsearch, Kibana, Elastic Cloud 8.3: Search & replicate across any cluster

In 8.3, search and replicate data in any environment. Query old snapshots without the need of an old Elasticsearch cluster. Try out new alerting capabilities in Kibana and template migration for Elastic Cloud users to easily migrate deployments.


Elasticsearch, Kibana, Elastic Cloud 8.2: Boost insights with data exploration in Discover

In 8.2, explore your data landscape with new options in Kibana’s Discover app and improve your speed with Elasticsearch’s random sampler aggregation and enhanced vector search. Plus, leverage the PCI certification for compliance in Elastic Cloud.


Elastic on Elastic: How we saved $100,000/month by keeping our own software up to date

Elasticsearch enhancements added in 7.15+, lowers data transfer and storage (DTS) and can lower your Elastic Cloud bills. Learn how our cloud observability team saved $100,000 and upgrade to 8.1 today.