Articles by Ugo Sangiorgi

Principal Competitive Intelligence Manager, Elastic


What’s the difference? Elastic and Splunk data tiers

This blog post provides a brief overview of the key differences between the Elastic and Splunk data management offerings and will help you understand the key factors that affect the performance and cost of data storage.


What’s the difference? Elastic data tiers and Amazon OpenSearch Service tiers

This article deciphers the data storage tiers of Elastic and Amazon OpenSearch Service, explaining their distinctions and functionalities to ensure effective and cost-efficient data management.


Migrating 1 billion log lines from OpenSearch to Elasticsearch

Learn how to migrate 1 billion log lines from OpenSearch to Elasticsearch for improved performance and reduced disk usage. Discover the migration strategies, data transfer methods, and optimization techniques used in this guide.


Elasticsearch vs. OpenSearch: Unraveling the performance gap

Elasticsearch outperforms OpenSearch by being 40%–140% faster and using fewer resources. A comparison across text querying, sorting, date histogram, range, terms, and resource utilization indicates substantial differences between the two.


Using AIOps effectively with Elastic Observability

An overview of the AIOps capabilities within the Elastic Observability full-stack solution! From noise reduction to anomaly detection and root cause analysis, AIOps helps teams troubleshoot and respond more quickly to application performance issues.


Elastic Observability helps monitor your Azure workloads on the new Arm-based VMs

The launch of Azure’s new Arm-based virtual machines (VMs) built on Ampere Altra processors brings more flexibility and choice to Azure customers around the world.


Too many fields! 3 ways to prevent mapping explosion in Elasticsearch

More often than not, we have customers indexing fields "just in case" they need to be used for search. Take a look at some techniques for cutting costs and focusing your cluster performance on what really matters.


Integrating Azure single sign-on with ECE in 1-2-3 at STRABAG

Learn how easy it is to configure single sign-on for Elastic Cloud Enterprise using Azure AD.