Articles by Bianca Laurendine


Getting Started with Elastic Cloud: A FedRAMP Authorized Service

Getting started with the Elastic FedRAMP authorized cloud offering is simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide to spinning up a deployment, ingesting data, and setting up your first dashboard.


Search and replicate across regions and cloud service providers with Elastic Cloud

Easily search and replicate your data across different regions and cloud service providers globally with cross-cluster search and replication, now available on Elastic Cloud.


Autoscale your Elastic Cloud data and machine learning nodes

Elastic Cloud autoscaling is now generally available and ensures that you always have the resource capacity you need to maintain your deployment's performance.


Explore and analyze your deployment costs within Elastic Cloud

We’re excited to announce the new Elastic Cloud usage analysis page, which lets you explore and analyze your Elastic Cloud usage to better understand how the resources you consume contribute to your monthly bill.


Getting started with Elastic Cloud

Getting started with Elastic Cloud couldn’t be easier! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to spin up a deployment, ingest data, and set up your first Kibana dashboard.


Monitoring Azure infrastructure with Filebeat and Elastic Observability

Ready to ingest data into Elastic Cloud (Elasticsearch managed service)? We’ve got you covered with this walkthrough using Filebeat to ingest your Azure activity logs into Elasticsearch.