Articles by Omer Kushmaro


Elastic and HashiCorp partner to bring infrastructure-as-code to Elastic Cloud

Operations and SRE teams that rely on HashiCorp Terraform to safely manage production-related infrastructure can now use Terraform to deploy and manage Elastic Cloud with the best possible infrastructure-as-code experience.


A new, more streamlined experience for Elastic Cloud Enterprise admins

We're excited to introduce usability enhancements to the Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) platform administration console. This change is designed to help you streamline tasks and workflows within ECE, providing you with a simplified experience.


Elastic Cloud Terraform provider now available in beta

The Elastic Cloud Terraform provider is now in beta. It enables Operations and SRE teams that rely on Terraform to safely manage production-related infrastructure and use the same automation tooling across public and private clouds.


Monitoring Elastic Cloud deployment logs and metrics

With Elastic Observability, you can monitor the health, performance, and security of your Elastic Cloud deployment. We'll walk you through a couple of use cases, the benefits of our features, and how you can get started.


Automate all the things: Terraform + Ansible + Elastic Cloud Enterprise

See how easy it is to get started with Elastic Cloud Enterprise by automating everything from cloud provisioning to ECE deployment with Terraform and Ansible.


Announcing Elastic Cloud Control (ecctl) 1.0.0 beta

Learn all about the beta of this command-line tool for interacting with the Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) REST API.