Articles By Roy Zanbel

13 December 2018 Engineering

ECE 2.0: Supercharge Your Use Case

By Roy ZanbelAnurag Gupta

See how new features introduced in ECE 2.0 (allocator tags, instance configurations, and deployment templates) will help streamline your deployment.

05 November 2018 Engineering

SAML and Multi-Factor Authentication in Elasticsearch Service

By Roy Zanbel

A walkthrough of SAML support and enabling multi-factor authentication for Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud.

25 September 2018 Releases

ECE 2.0: Host Tagging, ML, Hot-Warm Architecture, and More

By Roy Zanbel

ECE 2.0 is here. New features include host tagging, configurable deployment templates, and greater admin control over their deployments.