Articles by Roy Zanbel

Amazon EC2 M5d general purpose and R5d memory-optimized instances are now used Elastic Cloud’s deployment templates, in all supported AWS regions. They offer higher throughput and lower latency...

Learn how you can benefit from the API, including pairing it with ecctl, our command-line tool, to create and manage deployments.

We’re excited to announce Elastic Cloud Enterprise 2.5, which improves the experience of managing your deployments with a dedicated coordinating layer, support for snapshot lifecycle management, and more...

See how new features introduced in ECE 2.0 (allocator tags, instance configurations, and deployment templates) will help streamline your deployment.

A walkthrough of SAML support and enabling multi-factor authentication for Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud.

ECE 2.0 is here. New features include host tagging, configurable deployment templates, and greater admin control over their deployments.