Articles By Anurag Gupta


How to get started with Elasticsearch Service on AWS GovCloud

Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud is now available on AWS GovCloud (US East) and is currently “In Process” for FedRAMP Moderate authorization.


Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) 1.0 is now generally available

We're proud to announce that Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) is moving out of beta and into general availability.


Remove hidden network costs for your logs, metrics, and APM data

See how to significantly reduce cloud provider data transfer costs by switching to Elasticsearch Service.


Elastic Cloud Enterprise 2.4: App Search, new CLI, API keys, and more

We’re proud to announce Elastic Cloud Enterprise 2.4, with exciting new functionality that gives users even more power in implementing their search use cases...


Free Elasticsearch Service upgrade: 60% more storage for the same price with our improved hot-warm template

Logging, metrics, and security use cases just got much more cost effective with a free storage increase of 60% for our storage-optimized Elasticsearch nodes.


Announcing Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes 1.0.0 Beta

The beta brings architectural changes in how we manage Elasticsearch with ECK, allowing for faster upgrades and supporting even more use cases.


Announcing cross-cluster search on Elasticsearch Service

Cross-cluster search (CCS) is now GA on the Elasticsearch Service. Easily search across data in multiple deployments from a single endpoint and Kibana instance...


Announcing Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) 0.9.0 Alpha 2

Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes now features Elastic APM, more configuration options, and support for AKS, EKS, and OpenShift.


Elastic Cloud Enterprise 2.3 is now available: Featuring role-based access control

Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) version 2.3 is now available and brings one of the most anticipated features: role-based access control.