Announcing cross-cluster search on Elasticsearch Service

We are happy to announce that cross-cluster search (CCS) is now generally available on the Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud. Cross-cluster search is a powerful Elasticsearch feature that gives you the ability to search across data in multiple deployments from a single endpoint and Kibana instance.

CCS is now available as a deployment template within the Elasticsearch Service! In the first phase of enabling this capability, Elastic Stack 6.7+ deployments can federate searches across deployments inside the same region. Future releases will provide the ability to federate searches across regions.


Single pane of glass with best practices

Elasticsearch Service makes central provisioning and management of multiple deployments a breeze. Furthermore, you can follow best practices of having a deployment per tenant rather than maintaining a large multi-tenant deployment. Multiple deployments give you better isolation and better control on backup policy, as well as upgrading on each tenant’s schedule without losing the ability to look across multiple users and clusters.

More powerful logging and observability

Separating deployments is powerful when looking at logging and observability use cases as well, and Elastic supports a large variety of those, such as APM, Logs app, Infrastructure app, Uptime Monitoring app, and machine learning to find issues faster. With CCS you can now have deployments per log and data type, making sizing and scaling more predictable, and allowing for better performance while managing multiple observability use cases. By creating CCS deployment you can allow for those who need to search across multiple sources with the means to do so. Pair this with the ability to migrate deployments to hot-warm architecture and you can also optimize resource utilization to store data for longer periods, by rolling over indices from the hot to the warm tier over time using the stack index lifecycle management (ILM) feature.

Major version compatibility

CCS gives you the ability to search across different major versions of Elasticsearch if you still have some data that is not ready for a major version upgrade. This also allows your teams to move at their own pace without disturbing your visibility. Check out the following matrix for version compatibility.

Other Elasticsearch Service features in this release

To secure your Elasticsearch clusters and Kibana instances, you can now use OpenID Connect (OIDC) single sign-on authentication. Also, with a custom bundle containing the Kerberos files and changes to the cluster configuration, you can enforce user authentication through the Kerberos protocol.

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