Embed search, observe applications, and reduce risk

Elastic enables software and technology companies to embed search in any application, build personalized results based on user classification, and recommend the next best content. Accelerate developer productivity by unifying logs, metrics, and traces and shift left with security.

Build data-driven experiences

Turn 0s and 1s into insights

Across technology companies, teams power their data products with Elasticsearch. Deliver best-in-class personalization, enable complete visibility across developers and operations teams, and create secure and trustworthy solutions.

  • Consumer technology

    Build search-powered solutions that personalize experiences for customers

  • Business technology

    Increase agility, bolster compliance and win with capabilities that matter

  • Gaming

    Ensure peak gameplay performance and optimal user experience, as your platform scales

Customer case studies

The Elastic Search Platform enables technology companies to create best-in-class search experiences and observe and protect their environments.

  • Customer spotlight

    Making search smarter with machine learning at scale

  • Customer spotlight

    Performing real-time anomaly detection to improve customer experience

  • Customer Spotlight

    Increasing agility with Elastic Cloud Enterprise and discovery through machine learning

  • Customer spotlight

    Adopting Elastic Cloud Enterprise to power multiple search and observability analytics use cases