Articles by Brian Bergholm


Elastic and Google Cloud announce expanded and deeper partnership

We’re pleased to share that Elastic and Google Cloud are expanding and deepening our partnership to help organizations search, observe, and protect their data and workloads on Google Cloud.


Elastic Stack & Cloud: Start from AWS in 3 clicks, learn about Elastic’s serverless vision

Get started from the AWS marketplace in just 3 clicks. Discover a vision for serverless built on a new stateless Elasticsearch architecture. Benefit accelerated time to insights, ease of use for a wide range of ML models, including vector search.


Get started with Elastic on AWS Marketplace in 3 clicks

Elastic and AWS have collaborated to accelerate results that matter through a streamlined sign-up experience for Elastic on AWS Marketplace.


Search and replicate data between your Elastic Cloud and on-prem deployments

Customers can now replicate data from on-prem to cloud (and vice versa) and search data across their cloud and on-prem clusters, all from a single search interface.


Elasticsearch, Kibana, Elastic Cloud 8.3: Search & replicate across any cluster

In 8.3, search and replicate data in any environment. Query old snapshots without the need of an old Elasticsearch cluster. Try out new alerting capabilities in Kibana and template migration for Elastic Cloud users to easily migrate deployments.