Elastic 8.11: Preview of ES|QL, GA of Elastic Learned Sparse EncodeR


Today, we are pleased to announce the general availability of Elastic® 8.11.

What's new?

One of the most significant components of the 8.11 release is the technical preview of Elasticsearch Query Language (ES|QL), a foundational platform innovation that is used across Elastic solutions. Additional highlights by solution include the following.

Elastic Search helps developers implement modern search and discovery experiences.

  • Read about the GA of the Elastic Learned Sparse EncodeR model (ELSER), new and enriched connectors to sync searchable data from private data sources, the beta of binary content extraction on edge for large files, and more in the Elastic Search highlights blog or in the 8.11 release notes.

Elastic Observability transforms metrics, logs, and traces into actionable IT insights to unify observability across the digital ecosystem.

  • Read about how the technical preview of ES|QL benefits Observability, improved whole-system visibility with Elastic Universal Profiling™ and APM integration, the technical preview of SLO updates, and more in the Elastic Observability highlights blog or in the 8.11 release notes.

Elastic Security unifies SIEM, endpoint security, and cloud security to detect, investigate, and respond to threats at cloud scale.

  • Learn how the technical preview of ES|QL benefits Security, new Elastic AI Assistant support for Amazon Bedrock, the beta of deepened integrations with Okta and Microsoft Entra ID, the beta of data integrations with Wiz and Palo Alto Prisma Cloud, GA of Kafka output for Elastic Defend, and more in the Elastic Security highlights blog or in the 8.11 release notes.

All of Elastic’s out-of-the box solutions are built on the Elasticsearch® Platform. All users, regardless of use case, benefit from core enhancements.

  • Read about details on the technical preview of ES|QL, Elasticsearch Relevance Engine™ improvements in scale (i.e., vector search scaling to 4096 dimensions), reroute processor simplification of data ingestion, configurable look back time for TSDB metric storage, cross-cluster search status details in Kibana® Inspector, tech preview of a links panel to easily navigate from one Kibana dashboard to another by linking them, and more in the Elasticsearch platform highlights blog or in the 8.11 release notes

Start today

Ready to get started? Elastic 8.11 is now available on Elastic Cloud — the hosted Elasticsearch service that includes all of the new features in this latest release.

The release and timing of any features or functionality described in this post remain at Elastic's sole discretion. Any features or functionality not currently available may not be delivered on time or at all.