Articles by Luca Wintergerst

Product Marketing Director, Elastic


Elastic Universal Profiling: Delivering performance improvements and reduced costs

In this blog, we’ll cover how a discovery by one of our engineers led to cost savings of thousands of dollars in our QA environment and magnitudes more once we deployed this change to production.


The power of effective log management in software development and operations

This blog explains the importance of log management, best practices, and tools for managing logs efficiently. From identifying errors to troubleshooting issues, learn how to leverage log management for enhanced performance and streamlined operations.


Getting started with OpenTelemetry instrumentation with a sample application

In this article, we’ll introduce you to a simple sample application: a UI for movie search, instrumented in different ways using Python, Go, Java, Node, and .NET. Additionally, we will show how to view your OpenTelemetry data in Elastic APM.


Manual instrumentation of Go applications with OpenTelemetry

In this blog post, we will show you how to manually instrument Go applications using OpenTelemetry. We will explore how to use the proper OpenTelemetry Go packages and, in particular, work on instrumenting tracing in a Go application.


ChatGPT and Elasticsearch: Faceting, filtering, and more context

By providing tools like ChatGPT additional context, you can increase the likelihood of obtaining more accurate results. See how Elasticsearch's faceting and filtering framework can allow users to refine their search and reduce costs.


ChatGPT and Elasticsearch: APM instrumentation, performance, and cost analysis

In this blog, we'll instrument a Python application that uses OpenAI and analyze its performance, as well as the cost to run the application. Using the data gathered from the application, we will also show how to integrate LLMs into your application.


Parsing and enriching log data for troubleshooting in Elastic Observability

A look at the importance of schemas and runtime fields for data queries and data exploration on the Elastic Platform. By using schema on read and schema on write, you can optimize your telemetry data for both performance and analytics as needed.


Log monitoring and unstructured log data, moving beyond tail -f

Log data and system logs can be a treasure trove of information and insights for SREs and DevOps team with the right tools. Take a dive into the Elastic Platform, a leader in log management and monitoring capabilities, based on the proven ELK stack.


Protecting GDPR Personal Data with Pseudonymization

GDPR lists pseudonymization as a technical measure that can be used to protect personal data. We explore an approach for implementing it in the Elastic Stack.