Articles by Dhrumil Patel


Elastic’s detection rules are still open for business — plus further visibility to data quality

Elastic Security has been open with our cybersecurity rules and data for years, and we're excited to share the results of our open approach in 8.8. The release of the Data Quality Dashboard provides visibility into the compatibility of ingested data.


Elastic Security 8.8: Powerful endpoint response, alert triage, and data accuracy to bring more efficiency to security

Elastic Security 8.8 helps security practitioners efficiently triage alerts, reduce MTTR, gain insight into data quality, and better secure cloud environments through integrated SIEM, cloud security, and endpoint security.


Elastic modernizes security teams with SOAR and automates actionable threat intelligence within SIEM

Elastic continues to provide customers the ability to modernize their security operations programs. Today’s launch celebrates several initiatives that together equip customers to modernize security operations.