Product release

Elastic App Search: Now available on Elastic Cloud

We're excited to announce that Elastic App Search is now generally available on Elastic Cloud. App Search is a ready-to-use, fully complete search solution with user-friendly relevance tuning and analytics built in. And starting today, you can deploy App Search instances with the click of a button right from the Elastic Cloud dashboard. Now you can get all the tooling needed for a powerfully relevant search experience with the operational flexibility and scale of Elastic Cloud. 

This milestone also unlocks a whole new choice of geolocation options for Elastic App Search users: from São Paulo to Singapore and California to Germany, App Search can be hosted everywhere you find our Elasticsearch Service. 

We didn’t just make getting started on App Search easier, we’ve also simplified pricing by switching to the same resource-based pricing model that Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud uses. With App Search on Elastic Cloud, you only pay for the resources you consume, without worrying about artificial constraints around the number of users, documents, or operations made. It’s a whole new approach to pricing search that’s transparent and fair. 

As with all of our products, we’re committed to making App Search accessible to everyone who wants to run a trial, build a prototype, or go into production. To get you started, we’re introducing a new tier of App Search on Elastic Cloud that gives you a free 2GB instance to get up and running even faster.

If you haven’t used Elastic App Search yet, it lets users — of almost any skill level —  easily add a powerful and customizable search experience to any application, website, or mobile app using a refined set of APIs and management tools, including: 

  • Fast data ingestion with focused APIs and comprehensive clients
  • A powerful, pre-tuned search engine built on Elasticsearch
  • Comprehensive relevance, tuning, and curation controls from an easy-to-use interface
  • Actionable user analytics to close the loop on the search experience cycle

Unlock the power of Elasticsearch — no experience necessary.

Elastic App Search has never been easier to deploy, scale, and manage alongside all of your Elastic Cloud deployments and use cases. So whether it’s your first cluster or your fiftieth, simply click a button to unlock the power of App Search for your applications, websites, and mobile apps. 

Get started today by signing up for a trial of Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud.