Articles by Diane Tetrault

Director Product Marketing, Elastic

Diane is a Director Product Marketing for Elastic Enterprise Search, with more than 20 years of global experience in the tech industry. Though she started as a developer, her true passion has always been in marketing. These days, she artfully blends the two in order to tell compelling product stories.


Elastic Workplace Search on Elastic Cloud: Enabling greater flexibility and speed

With Workplace Search now available on Elastic Cloud, you get unmatched deployment flexibility. Run it on your choice of public cloud infrastructure — AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure — in regions across the world (or you can download and self-manage).


Searching Microsoft's cloud productivity suite with Elastic Workplace Search

With Workplace Search, you can easily add Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint, and Office 365 — along with other common (and custom) content sources — for seamless searching across your organization.


Searching GitHub: Improving developer efficiency with Workplace Search

With Elastic Workplace Search, you can easily add GitHub — along with other common (and custom) content sources — for seamless searching across your development organization.


Transparent, resource-based pricing with Elastic Enterprise Search

Our pricing is simple and transparent, and it stays that way, even as you scale. Say good riddance to per-query, per-user, and per-document pricing.


Elastic App Search: Now available on Elastic Cloud


Getting started with Elastic App Search on Elastic Cloud

A ready-to-use search solution with user-friendly relevance tuning and analytics built in, easily deployable right from the Elastic Cloud dashboard.


Search UI Version 1.0.0 Released

We’re pleased to announce Search UI for Elastic App Search. Build dynamic and engaging search in minutes.


Elastic App Search: Now Available as a Self-managed Download

Elastic App Search is now available on-prem. The easiest way to implement powerful search in your applications now has a brand new deployment option.