Articles by Mandy Andress

CISO, Elastic


A CISO’s perspective: Why I’ve read the Elastic Global Threat Report

See how Elastic CISO Mandy Andress is using key findings from the 2023 Elastic Global Threat Report to prepare her teams for the upcoming year.


10 rules for security leadership

By understanding their organization's DNA and cultivating a collaborative security culture, CISOs can make an indelible impact on their organization's cybersecurity resilience while maximizing their personal performance.


How does Elastic Security drive value to your organization?

With our new Elastic Security Value Calculator, you can easily estimate how Elastic can drive financial gains for your organization. Based on your results, you’ll know how Elastic Security creates efficiencies for you.


Protect your Elasticsearch deployments against attacks like “meow bot” — for free

The recent "meow bot" attacks are the most recent example of cybercrime targeting sensitive customer data. Damaging attacks like these can be avoided with the free security features included in Elastic products.


Elastic on Elastic: Securing our endpoints with Elastic Security

The Elastic InfoSec team's internal use of Elastic Security has increased visibility and exponentially expanded its response capabilities to threats.