Elastic's mission is to enable organizations to put their data to work using the power of search.


Flightwatching helps carriers reduce CO2 emissions and save over $100K per aircraft per year, with Elastic

Flightwatching monitors data from 600+ aircrafts on its platform, requiring a solution for storing, searching, analyzing, and creating customer dashboards that have helped boost operational efficiency for its customers.


Tackling observability in financial services: Panel recap with Société Générale & Microsoft

AI and machine learning are hot topics across industries, but their value within financial services is still being recognized. Artificial intelligence can enable users to perform detections, improve forecasting, and make sense out of mounds of data.


NORBr leverages Elastic to keep payments on track and improve key business metrics

NORBr creates the perfect match between digital merchants and payment companies via a no-code routing engine to send transactions to the best-performing payment service providers with Elastic Search.

Videos scales search and log management with Elasticsearch to deliver exceptional user experiences

Learn how scaled search and centralized log management with Elasticsearch to deliver powerful experiences for users.


How the third-largest US county uses Elastic to accelerate investigations

Across the US, law enforcement teams are using solutions like Elastic to save time and improve accuracy as they use data for investigations. Harris County, TX, is one such government seeing success with accelerated, consolidated investigative search.


Bank BRI mitigates cybercrime and financial risk with Elastic Security

Bank BRI is one of the largest banks in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. As Bank BRI grows its ecosystem, the number of assets it must defend against cybercrime only increases. Learn how the organization found new tools to protect its complex network.


Why Miles & More migrated to Elastic Cloud

Miles & More centralized their log management and monitoring to detect and thwart attacks. Learn more details about why they chose Elastic Cloud from easy maintenance and streamlined data ingestion to an integrated UI.


How Oak Ridge National Laboratory optimized its supercomputers with Elastic

As Oak Ridge National Laboratory brings its newest supercomputer online, their analytics and monitoring team explained how Elastic keeps it stable and helps find efficiencies and cost savings


Why the U.S. Government is scaling their cyber visibility practices with Elastic

The Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program has evolved from a cyber-hygiene initiative to a proactive response toolkit powered by the CDM Dashboard. Learn how it enables civilian agencies to analyze cyber risk at speed & scale.