Articles by Brandon Mavleos

Director, Product Marketing, Elastic

Brandon Mavleos is the director of financial services at Elastic, where he leads thought leadership and product marketing for the FSI vertical. Prior to Elastic, Brandon held various roles across financial services, including Datasite, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and American Express.


Homegate’s fast and modern search experience helps users find their dream home

Learn how Homegate, a Swiss real estate marketplace, optimized its customer search experience to take the stress and complexity out of finding a home.


The cybercriminal group 'Scattered Spider' has targeted many large enterprises, including pivotal players in the financial services industry. Elastic Security supports this battle with AI-powered security analytics.


Modernizing financial services: A deep dive into Elastic Cloud on AWS for Observability, Security, and more

As the landscape continues to evolve across increasingly complex ecosystems, Elastic Cloud in AWS Marketplace serves as a key enabler for observability within the banking, insurance, capital markets, and payments sectors.


Fraud in financial services: Leaning on generative AI to protect a rapidly expanding attack surface

AI technologies, particularly machine learning and advanced analytics, have emerged as powerful tools in the fight against fraud in financial services. Combined with Elastic, FSIs can better combat this data problem.


Building secure and resilient telco networks

Using the NIST framework, ThoughtLab recently concluded a cybersecurity benchmark study that spanned across industries, including telecommunications. How well armed is the industry to protect critical network infrastructure?


What do telco security teams need from a SIEM?

In the past couple of years, two things stood out for the telecom industry: 5G and cloud adoption. Put together, there is a need for a completely revamped approach to security. And the journey begins with a “modern” SIEM.


Quantifying the value of AI-powered observability

Elastic commissioned Forrester to provide objective research based on the value of AI-powered observability. The study found that organizations leveraging Elastic Observability see a 243% ROI and $1.2 million in savings over three years.


Ecommerce marketplace Modalova doubles its revenue by improving search accuracy with Elastic

Gabriel Kaam, the founder of Modalova, implemented Elasticsearch to efficiently handle their vast inventory and deliver more personalized results to customers — resulting in increased conversion rates from 30% to 50% and doubling revenue in a year.


Fingerprint enables rapid regulatory compliance with Elastic

Fingerprint is a regulatory tech company which enables customers to achieve compliance, faster and with greater insight. Elasticsearch is a critical component of this formula, providing the capabilities upon which Fingerprint adds its secret sauce.