Articles by Brandon Mavleos

Director, Financial Services

Brandon Mavleos is the director of financial services at Elastic, where he leads thought leadership and product marketing for the FSI vertical. Prior to Elastic, Brandon held various roles across financial services, including Datasite, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and American Express.


Quantifying the value of AI-powered observability

Elastic commissioned Forrester to provide objective research based on the value of AI-powered observability. The study found that organizations leveraging Elastic Observability see a 243% ROI and $1.2 million in savings over three years.


Ecommerce marketplace Modalova doubles its revenue by improving search accuracy with Elastic

Gabriel Kaam, the founder of Modalova, implemented Elasticsearch to efficiently handle their vast inventory and deliver more personalized results to customers — resulting in increased conversion rates from 30% to 50% and doubling revenue in a year.


Fingerprint enables rapid regulatory compliance with Elastic

Fingerprint is a regulatory tech company which enables customers to achieve compliance, faster and with greater insight. Elasticsearch is a critical component of this formula, providing the capabilities upon which Fingerprint adds its secret sauce.


5 stand-out retail use cases for generative AI + Elasticsearch

With ESRE, retailers can enhance their search capabilities to deliver more accurate and relevant results to their customers and employees, while ensuring sensitive data remains protected.


Building the future of laundry robotics with Elastic

Inwatec ApS is a robotics company revolutionizing industrial laundry automation with advanced software and smart machinery. Its equipment sorts items and prevents foreign objects from entering machines, utilizing Elastic to modernize log collection.


Generative AI in financial services: The role of the Elasticsearch Relevance Engine

Generative AI presents a real opportunity for FSIs. In order to drive this, Elastic recently launched the Elasticsearch Relevance Engine (ESRE), a powerful tool that combines AI and text search capabilities to create smarter search applications.


Flightwatching helps carriers reduce CO2 emissions and save over $100K per aircraft per year, with Elastic

Flightwatching monitors data from 600+ aircrafts on its platform, requiring a solution for storing, searching, analyzing, and creating customer dashboards that have helped boost operational efficiency for its customers.


Banks are leveraging modern cloud security tools to mitigate human error

Elastic Security enables financial services security teams to protect their cloud environments with new CNAPP capabilities.


Tackling observability in financial services: Panel recap with Société Générale & Microsoft

AI and machine learning are hot topics across industries, but their value within financial services is still being recognized. Artificial intelligence can enable users to perform detections, improve forecasting, and make sense out of mounds of data.