Articles by Joe DeFever


Is it time to replace your SIEM?

If you aren’t able to replace your existing SIEM outright, that doesn’t mean you can’t supplement its capabilities with a more performant solution. Elastic allows all users to try out a new, powerful SIEM with little to no upfront cost.


Collecting all the data your SIEM needs to keep up

With Elastic Security, collect all the data your SIEM needs to perform at its best, without the technical limitations or restrictive licensing. Accomplish more with access to and fast querying of high-volume data sources.


Working for Elastic (out of a van)

Van life isn't always easy, unless you have a job that's distributed by design. Learn how Joe DeFever made work into an adventure by taking advantage of Elastic's distributed nature.


Monitoring and securing a geo-dispersed data center with Elasticsearch

This Elastic{ON} Tour talk details how Hill Enterprise Data Center manages/distributes US Air Force maintenance data securely and at scale with Elasticsearch.


Elasticsearch as a time series database for telemetry data at NS1

Learn why NS1 -- a leading DNS provider -- chose Elasticsearch as its time series database for telemetry data management.


Countering cyber threats with Elastic Cloud Enterprise at CERDEC/ARL

This Elastic{ON} Tour recap explores how Cyber Ops in the Department of Defense used Elastic to scale security data ingest and conduct critical threat hunts.