Collecting all the data your SIEM needs to keep up

When it comes to your SIEM, your data is only as useful as your ability to ingest and analyze it. To solve complex security problems, your team ideally needs the ability to comprehensively monitor events within your environment with contextual insights from high-volume data sources. 

Yet due to the technical limitations or restrictive licensing of many solutions out there, security teams are forced to drop high-volume data sources (cloud application, authentication, certificate transparency, and DNS logs, to name a few) that might otherwise provide tremendous value towards higher-fidelity detections, substantiated investigations, and more targeted responses.

What could your team accomplish with access to and fast querying of these high-volume data sources? Are your SIEM’s data limits holding you back? With Elastic Security, collect the data your SIEM needs to perform at its best.

Stop. Dropping. Data.

You don’t pay on a per-ingest or per-endpoint basis with Elastic. Shed your ingest guilt and gather as much data as you need to provide visibility into evasive activity and details needed to contextualize a threat.

As cloud initiatives explode, pressure is increasing to maintain operational efficiency and speed to stay ahead of new attack methodologies. With security requirements evolving, support for high-volume data sources is vital to:

Expand SIEM visibility

High-volume data sources can help you provide the historical context needed to perform longer look-back analyses in response to a security incident or data breach — or for proactive threat analysis and adversary profiling. Identify and prioritize the most relevant high-volume data sources to develop the right archiving strategy. 

Evolve faster

Gaining security insights through more diversified data types empowers your team to crush alert fatigue with high-fidelity, prioritized correlations. Elastic Security’s automated detection and MITRE ATT&CK®-mapped, out-of-the-box detections significantly reduce adversary dwell times, while unsupervised and supervised machine learning help you to detect malicious activity.

Get more operational value from your SIEM

Break through existing barriers you may be experiencing around people, process, and technology to achieve your KPIs and metrics. See how Elastic’s unique approach to consolidating all security-relevant data can help teams — from SecOps to DevOps — improve efficiency and security efficacy.

Upgrade your SIEM

Ready to enhance your current SIEM deployment? Let’s talk. While we are, of course, partial to our SIEM app, Elastic can be readily implemented alongside your existing infrastructure — no rip-and-replace required.

Built on the speed and scale Elasticsearch is known for, the free and open Elastic Security solution enables analysts everywhere to detect and respond to threats through a unified approach to addressing top security use cases: SIEM, endpoint security, threat hunting, cloud monitoring, and more. 

Learn more about how Elastic Security can help you drive more operational value out of your SIEM to solve top security challenges.