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Security analytics at the speed of Elasticsearch

Everything you love about the free and open Elastic Stack — geared toward security information and event management (SIEM). Leverage the speed, scale, and relevance of Elastic SIEM to drive your security operations and threat hunting.


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Learn about the Elastic Common Schema, an approach for applying a common data model.

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Apply host data from your Linux systems to detect threats with Auditbeat.

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Love the Elastic Stack for security analytics? Take the next step in defense with Elastic SIEM.

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In 7.6 you can automate detection with MITRE-aligned rules, analyze cloud and application data, and accelerate response with efficient workflows.

SIEM, from the creators of the Elastic (ELK) Stack

Protect your organization with Elastic SIEM. It provides network and host data integrations, shareable analytics based on the Elastic Common Schema (ECS), and the ability to explore your security data with the SIEM app in Kibana.

Speed wins

Return results from ad hoc queries in seconds with the speed of Elasticsearch’s schema-on-write architecture. Visualize and interact with your data on custom dashboards. Drill into events of interest and pursue breadcrumbs by pivoting through underlying data.

Operate at scale

With Elasticsearch at its core, Elastic SIEM readily handles security data by the petabyte. Keep your data for as long as you want and tap into the full picture when you need it most — because you never know which data you might need when the next threat strikes.

Ingest from anywhere

With pre-built Beats integrations, quickly ingest data from your endpoints, network devices, applications — any source you like, really. And if you don't see the integration you need, collaborate with the Elastic community to find or build it. That's open source for the win.

Establish a holistic view

Gathering your data is one thing. The ability to uniformly examine it is another. With the Elastic Common Schema (ECS), you can centrally analyze information like logs, flows, and contextual data from across your environment — no matter how disparate your data sources.

SecOps and threat hunting are team sports

The Elastic SIEM app is an interactive workspace for security teams to triage events and perform initial investigations. Monitor for threats, gather evidence on a timeline, pin and annotate relevant events, and forward potential incidents to ticketing and SOAR platforms.

Gain visibility into your environment

View data on interactive dashboards and maps. Perform graph-based relationship analysis. Search across information of all kinds. Do it all with the technology fast enough for the sharpest analysts.

Surface anomalies with machine learning

Explore unknown threats exposed through machine learning-based anomaly detection. Equip threat hunters with evidence-based hypotheses. Uncover threats you expected — and those you didn't — with our ever-expanding set of pre-built ML jobs.

Automate detection with ATT&CK-aligned rules

Continuously guard your environment with correlation rules that detect tools, tactics, and procedures indicative of potential threats. Cut to what matters with preconfigured risk and severity scores. Content is aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK knowledge base and ready for immediate implementation.

A SIEM for everyone

We’re building our vision of what SIEM should be. Fast. Out in the open. And readily available for security analysts everywhere.


Collect and detect, protect and respond

If you're looking to ship data from endpoints to Elastic SIEM, why not also protect them? We've made it easy to do just that with Elastic Endpoint Security, an autonomous agent that both prevents attacks and forwards events and alerts for centralized analysis. Join the Early Access Program.


Keep it simple. No more pricing by ingest.

No matter how you start or grow with Elastic, you shouldn't be constrained by how you get value from our products. Just pay for the resources you need, deploy them how you'd like, and do even more great things with Elastic.

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Cloud-ready, deployable anywhere

Deploy Elastic SIEM in the cloud or on-prem. Choose Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud for simplified management and scaling, or Elastic Cloud Enterprise to maintain complete control.

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We have a unique vision of what SIEM should be: fast, powerful, open — and readily available to security analysts everywhere.

What just happened?

Auditbeat created an index pattern in Kibana with defined ECS fields, searches, visualizations, and dashboards. In a matter of minutes you can start viewing the latest system audit information in the SIEM app.

Didn't work for you?

Auditbeat module assumes default operating system configuration. See the documentation for more details.

Security events are just the start

Have metrics? APM data? Documents with tons of text? Centralize your data in the Elastic Stack to enrich your security analytics, enable new use cases, and reduce operational costs.



Fast and scalable logging that won't quit.



Do the numbers: CPU, memory, and more.



Get insight into your application performance.