Elastic Security for SOAR

Equip security teams to make quick work of adversaries by aligning people, processes, and technologies with SOAR.

UI for investigating and remediating an attack with SOAR, including case management, analyst guidance, and event analysis

SOAR for the modern SOC

Streamline SecOps with security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR).

  • Bolster your team

    Elevate the impact of every analyst and source innovations from a booming user community.

  • Reduce risk

    Neutralize attacks before damage grows by accelerating investigation and response.

  • Gain the edge

    Pivot to a proactive posture by automating rote tasks and reallocating resources.

Empower your SOC team

Overcome the cyber skills gap by orchestrating and automating critical workflows.

Build a single source of truth

Collaborate across teams and tools, sharing processes and expertise. Collapse data silos and draw connections between events. Automatically aggregate and escalate related alerts. Represent the full lifecycle of an incident by gathering and annotating forensic data in a case.

Elastic Security case forwarded to 3rd-party SOAR platform

Optimize team workflows

Arm analysts to act decisively, infusing threat intelligence and insights like attribute frequency and host anomaly score. Codify investigation and response procedures with guides that augment the expertise of seasoned analysts and lower the learning curve for junior practitioners.

Elastic Security investigation guide

Automate investigation and response

Automate repetitive steps to unleash analysts to tackle problems meriting human creativity and problem solving. Deploy autonomous and analyst-invoked actions to end attacks faster than they start. Begin with built-in actions and progress further with custom responses. Evolve into advanced workflows enabled by integrations with third-party platforms.

Alert detail view in Elastic Security, with menu of response actions

Workflows ecosystem

Extend orchestration and automation by linking Elastic Security with your system of choice. Our solution is open and transparent, offering numerous partners and integrations.

  • D3 Security
  • Email
  • Jira
  • QRadar SOAR
  • PagerDuty
  • ServiceNow ITOM
  • ServiceNow ITSM
  • ServiceNow SecOps
  • Slack
  • Swimlane
  • TheHive
  • Tines
  • Torq
  • Custom via webhooks

SOAR, open and integrated

Elastic Security for SOAR delivers immediate value and limitless workflow extensibility.

  • Built in, ready to go

    Get rolling right away with natively integrated SOAR functionality.

  • Flexible and open

    Tailor integrations to your unique needs, leveraging public code and APIs.

  • No barriers to adoption

    Implement SOAR without the complications of separate licensing.


"Automation helps to deliver better results. It reduces mundane work, drives efficiencies, frees up staff, and enables a more blanket approach to cybersecurity: fighting machines with machines."

ThoughtLab, Cybersecurity Solutions for a Riskier World

Go beyond SOAR

Unify your organization's approach to security with Elastic.

  • SIEM

    Detect and respond to threats at cloud speed and scale.

  • Threat Intelligence

    Make threat intelligence actionable.

  • Endpoint Security

    Prevent, collect, detect, and respond — all with one agent.

  • XDR

    Power SecOps across your hosts, cloud, network, and beyond.

  • Cloud Security

    Assess your cloud posture and protect cloud workloads.

  • Elastic Security Labs

    Apply novel research we've conducted on threats, malware, and protections.