Endpoint security from Elastic

Elastic's AI-driven security analytics empowers you with comprehensive endpoint protection. Detect, investigate, and respond to threats faster with a single agent and unified console. Gain actionable insights for a proactive defense posture. All built on the Search AI platform.

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Endpoint security and the power of XDR

Prevent, detect, and respond with protection on every host. Go even further with XDR.

  • Block unknown threats

    Stop unknown malware and ransomware with host-based behavior analytics. Proactively detect and disrupt advanced attacks before they compromise your systems.

  • Prioritize attacks, no alerts

    Go beyond simple data correlation with the power of Elastic Security's Attack Discovery. Analyze endpoint data natively and from ingested third-party vendors' security tools to identify and prioritize true attacks — not just individual alerts — keeping your team focused on what matters.

  • Respond at AI scale

    Empower your security operations with Elastic Security's AI Assistant. Instantly correlate data from all endpoints. Gain deep host context with OSQuery. Launch automated responses effortlessly &mash; all from a central hub. Neutralize threats efficiently across your distributed environment.

Secure your endpoints. Your way.

Elastic Security empowers you with a comprehensive approach to endpoint protection. Leverage AI-driven security analytics to gain actionable insights for faster threat detection, investigation, and decisive response. Choose the solution that best fits your needs: extended protection or native protection.

  • Native protection

    Get full endpoint protection with built-in Elastic Security features, at no extra cost. Enjoy essential threat detection, investigation, and response capabilities directly on your endpoints.

  • Extended protection

    Ingest data from any third-party endpoint tool for enhanced visibility, contextual insights, long-term analytics, and distributed threat hunting and response workflows — all from one console.

Proven anti-malware

Endpoint protection validated by the best

See why customers and analysts recommend Elastic for endpoint security.

  • Protecting higher ed

    Once overwhelmed with noisy alert signaling, Texas A&M university turned to Elastic Security for a holistic, streamlined view into their environment and faster response to threats.

  • 100% malware protection

    Elastic shines in Malware protection test by AV-Comparatives real-world malware 100% protection with zero false positives.

  • Protecting healthcare

    Martin's Point Health Care stops threats at unprecedented speed.

  • XDR Wave

    Elastic named in the Forrester Wave Report for XDR

Endpoint security for everyone

Avert endpoint threats with signatureless prevention, behavior analytics, centralized detection, and fast and informed response.

Prevent in depth

Secure your Windows, macOS, and Linux systems with endpoint security from Elastic. Prevent ransomware, halt malware, and thwart advanced threats using behavior-based prevention. Benefit from additional protections provided by Elastic Security Labs and our global user community.

Elevate visibility and defense with XDR

Go beyond the endpoint. Collect telemetry across your security tools to gain contextualized insights and deeper visibility. Monitor activity with integrated dashboards. Choose your security approach: native security at no additional cost or with extended protection by ingesting data from your existing tools.

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Uncover hidden threats

Generate actionable alerts by continuously correlating host activity with broader environmental data. Initiate hunts from anomalies spotted by prebuilt machine learning jobs.

Unmask threats, automate response

Empower analysts with rich context, visualizations, and AI-driven security analytics for rapid investigations. Orchestrate automated responses to kill, suspend, or isolate threats triggered by detections, using native response actions. Seamlessly connect to SOAR platforms for playbooks and broader response actions, Uncover the truth, and neutralize threats faster.

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More than just endpoint protection

Transform your security program with a modern security solution.

  • One agent, many use cases

    Disrupt threats, collect telemetry, and respond – all on a single, powerful platform. Our lightweight agent simplifies deployment across your entire environment. Gain comprehensive threat visibility from a central location.

  • Unmask hidden threats. Gain years of insight.

    Many threats remain undetected for months. Our solution analyzes years of security data, empowering you to discover hidden dangers and proactively improve your security posture.

  • Works just about anywhere

    Threats can emerge in diverse settings — from public spaces to submarines. Elastic Security offers flexible endpoint protection, ensuring security across hybrid environments — whether offline in a shielded enclosure or connected to the cloud.

  • Licensing that doesn't interfere

    With flexible licensing, use Elastic as you'd like and adjust as your needs evolve. No per‑endpoint pricing. No high‑stakes device count guesstimates. No artificial data caps.

Frequently asked questions

What is endpoint security from Elastic?

Endpoint security from Elastic is a robust endpoint security solution that prevents ransomware and malware, detects advanced threats, and arms responders with vital investigative context. All on an open platform, for infrastructure and hosts everywhere.

Go beyond endpoint security

Endpoints are just the start. Unify your organization’s security strategy with Elastic.

  • SIEM

    Detect and respond to threats at cloud speed and scale.

  • AI for the SOC

    Supercharge your SOC with AI-driven security analytics.

  • Elastic Security Labs

    Apply novel research we’ve conducted on threats, malware, and protections.