Martin’s Point Health Care: Replacing legacy antivirus solution with Elastic Endgame

Comprehensive threat prevention and hunting

Elastic Endgame provides full-stack prevention, accelerated detection and response, and automated threat hunting across the MITRE ATT&CK™ matrix.

Performing in a highly segmented network for PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance

The unprecedented speed of Elastic Endgame enables Martin’s Point Health Care to stop threats in real-time and at scale in a highly regulated environment — with minimal performance impact.

Setting up a nimble SOC team for success

Elastic Endgame’s easy-to-use and automated interface enables junior SOC analysts to rapidly triage, investigate, and respond to alerts.

Company Overview

Martin’s Point Health Care (MPHC) is a non-profit primary healthcare and insurance provider headquartered in Portland, Maine. The company employs 800 full-time staff, and has 18 locations across five states. MPHC leadership needed to better understand their risk posture and be able to securely share patient information across their organization to deliver high-quality patient care. Elastic Endgame offers full-stack protection coupled with ease of use to address cyber threats and provide reporting to determine the health of their enterprise.

MPHC’s Journey with Elastic

Symantec antivirus failing to safeguard critical patient information

MPHC has a small and nimble enterprise security team tasked with protecting critical patient health records and ensuring their heavy regulatory footprint of compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and PCI DSS are met. This means the ability to keep pace with targeted attacks that are a constant for MPHC. The MPHC board needed to know their risk posture and the health of the organization.

Their current anti-virus solution from Symantec failed to give leadership the level of visibility and protection necessary to safeguard critical patient information and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

The IT team needed a solution that would address three primary challenges:

  • Block known and unknown attacks beyond malware.
  • Monitor 24x7 device activity, even when offline.
  • Provide the MPHC Board and leadership a status of the health of their enterprise network.

Full-Stack protection across MITRE ATT&CK® with Elastic Endgame

Martin’s Point Health Care performed an extensive evaluation of endpoint security options, including cloud-based next-gen AV solutions to replace Symantec’s antivirus solution. They chose Elastic Endgame because it was the only solution that provided comprehensive visibility with full-stack protection across the breadth and depth of the MITRE ATT&CK™ matrix. Other next generation-AV solutions were too complex for junior analysts to use and too slow to stop unknown threats. The MPHC team found Elastic Endgame’s distributed architecture and robust two-way API could seamlessly integrate with existing network tools and operational processes within their environment.

Elastic Endgame stops targeted attacks and more

Elastic Endgame provided full-stack protection that stopped targeted attacks before they started, stopped ongoing attacks before any damage or loss occurred, and minimized the time IT spent trying to detect and contain threats. Another benefit the security team identified over other solutions was Elastic Endgame’s ability to eliminate multiple host agents with one single agent platform. Elastic Endgame replaces existing AV, endpoint detection and response, and incident response agents, drastically reducing the cost and time required to stop emerging threats. The platform provides comprehensive protection and detailed reporting to help their leadership understand their risk posture.

Visibility and fast response across our network are critical to protecting our infrastructure. Endgame’s ability to provide full-stack protection gave us the confidence to replace our traditional AV solution and gave comprehensive protection at the earliest stages of the attack lifecycle.

– Matthew Witten, CISO, Martin’s Point Health Care

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