Elastic Cloud

Elastic Cloud

Accelerate results in Elastic Cloud (Elasticsearch service)

Accelerate results that matter when you use Elastic to address your search, observability, and security challenges. Deploy in your favorite public cloud, or in multiple clouds. Extend the value of Elastic with generative AI, cloud-native features and hundreds of built-in integrations to unlock the power of data, securely and at scale.


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Deploy and scale, in any cloud, in minutes

Get up and running in minutes, globally, in any of the dozens of supported regions across Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Choose a single cloud or multi-cloud. Automatically scale resource capacity, such as data and machine learning nodes, to support your most demanding jobs. Bring all of your data together within a single view to search and visualize.


Lower TCO, Reduce Overhead

Reduce total cost of ownership

Why manage it yourself? Save time on operational overhead and focus on delivering business value by leveraging managed services. Automatically scale up or down, and pay only for the resources you use. Utilize data tiers to save on cloud-based object storage costs. Take a snapshot of all of your data, then search and visualize it, when and where you need it.


Manage Risk and Compliance

Protect your data with built‑in security

Ensure your Elastic deployment meets your organization’s security and compliance requirements. Elastic applies security best practices to help make sure your deployment is secure from the ground up, including but not limited to OS hardening, network security controls, and encryption for data in motion, as well as data at rest. Our managed service is continuously audited by independent parties to meet data security, compliance, and privacy industry standards.


Cloud Migration

Migrate your Elasticsearch data to any public cloud

Leverage software tools and services to help you migrate your data based on your unique business needs. Migrate to cloud and take advantage of the flexibility to run in a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment so you can maintain availability.


Experience Elastic Cloud, your way

We handle the maintenance and upkeep, so you can focus on finding the right information that will help you accelerate results that matter. Calculate the cost savings your organization can achieve by running Elastic in the cloud as a managed service. Choose any cloud — or multi-cloud or hybrid — and unify your data to derive insights with interactive visualizations and take action.

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Government Ready

FedRAMP authorized

Government agencies and partners can deploy quickly and unify diverse data sets to fuel their mission-critical objectives securely in the cloud.

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    Our service is FedRAMP authorized at the Moderate Impact level and deployable to AWS GovCloud (US).

  • Unify diverse datasets

    Drive more informed decisions, fast and at scale, when you deploy your government data in the cloud.

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