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With Elastic Cloud on AWS, Smarter City Solutions ensures seamless customer experience.

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Download this detailed overview for how to configure Elastic Observability, with different AWS services, to monitor the health and performance of your environment.

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Migrate to the official managed Elasticsearch offering on AWS with exclusive integrations and expert support.

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Run Elastic on AWS for simple management

Get started with our solutions for search, observability, and security — backed by the creators of the Elastic Stack.

  • Operations at petabyte scale

    Enjoy unlimited possibilities with the full feature set created and backed by Elastic. Provisioning, configuring, and scaling your deployments is a breeze. No matter your data needs, we've got you covered.

  • Integrated billing

    Leverage your existing billing account with AWS. Get one consolidated bill and draw against your AWS Enterprise Agreement when using Elastic through AWS Marketplace.

  • Stability, support, and security

    Run on multiple regions that provide high availability or fault tolerance. Get training, expert support, and consulting services 24/7. Reduce risk and disruption with automatic upgrades and the latest security patches.

  • Managed service

    Leave maintenance and upkeep to us with our managed service offering. Provision Elastic on AWS and optimize with best practices built in for AWS infrastructure, using APIs and Elastic CLI to integrate with AWS DevOps tools.

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Learn how organizations benefited from migrating to Elastic Cloud.

  • Customer spotlight

    After switching to Elastic Cloud from FAST ESP, Guidestar by Candid went from managing their clusters on a daily basis to checking cluster health once a month.

  • Customer spotlight

    OLX got started in a few minutes with billing flowing through their existing AWS account. OLX continued to prove out the solution with Elastic Cloud using this flexible, pay-as-you-go model.

  • Customer spotlight

    With Elastic Cloud on AWS, Smarter City Solutions was able to ensure visibility across their application stack and deliver a predictable experience to their customers.

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The answer to your biggest data challenges

Index, search, and gather logs and metrics across apps running on AWS.

  • Unlock the power of your data with a suite of products for any search need. Whether it’s for your workplace, mobile apps, or websites, Elastic Search offers pretuned, powerful search experiences with robust analytics, so you can go to market quickly and scale seamlessly. All on the AWS Cloud, with performance to match.

  • Observe

    Get the complete picture of the health and performance of your environment. Elastic Observability brings your logs, metrics, and APM traces from your infrastructure together at scale in a single stack. Monitor all your cloud resources and applications through our integrations for Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, and Amazon EKS.

  • Protect

    Elastic Security helps prevent damage, reduce dwell times, and increase team efficiencies through SIEM, endpoint security, threat hunting, cloud monitoring, and other capabilities. Powered in part by contributions from the open source community, Elastic Security provides unified protection for everyone, and is validated by industry experts.

Available worldwide

Elastic and AWS currently serve many regions globally. Plus, we're adding new regions all the time.