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How Collector Bank uses the Elastic Stack for observability and security

Hosted by:

Eric Westberg

Eric Westberg

Senior Solutions Architect


Tobias Berg

Tobias Berg

Elasticsearch Captain

Collector Bank


Collector Bank is a niche bank offering cost-effective and innovative financial solutions to private and corporate customers. With a focus on speed, flexibility, and technology, they adapt their services and develop new solutions based on their customers’ needs.

The Elastic Stack has been a central part of their infrastructure for the last five years. They started with centralized logging with a few Elastic clusters before moving to Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) to support their 25 clusters for use in structured logging, metrics, security, search, business insights, and more.

Tobias Berg, Elasticsearch Captain at Collector Bank, will dive into three main use cases to show how they’ve been expanding their usage of the Elastic Stack:

  • Business insights through centralized structured logging
  • Noise filtering with machine learning
  • Getting started with Elastic SIEM

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