11 April 2019 Culture

Life@ Elastic Spotlight | Consulting with Liselot Poppink

By Daniel CecilNohealani Wright

09 April 2019 Culture

So iconic: A story about a team, a dream, and a visual hierarchy

By Jess Smith

We updated our product logos and icons a little while ago. Did you notice? Find out from an Elastic designer why we made the changes we made.

02 April 2019 Culture

Equal Pay Day @ Elastic

By Leah Sutton

Equal Pay Day in the United States is April 2. Vice President of human resources at Elastic, Leah Sutton, shares how we're working towards equal pay for all.

27 March 2019 Culture

Helper Node Series | Imma Valls: Teaching Kids to Read at LECXIT

By Daniel Cecil

Helper Node highlights how our Elasticians use their volunteer time off. Learn how Imma Valls uses her time to teach kids how to read at her local library.

14 March 2019 Culture

Life@ Elastic | Katy Sue Wright: Elastic{ON} Events Extraordinaire

By Nohealani WrightDaniel Cecil

08 March 2019 Culture

International Women's Day 2019: Balancing for Better at Elastic

By Kristina FrostKiley Davidson

In celebration of International Women's Day, learn about out how two amazing Elasticians championed efforts to help make the world a better place.

27 February 2019 Culture

Life@ Elastic | Black History Month

By Nohealani Wright

February is Black History Month, so we sat down with two of our Elasticians — Alyssa Hester and A.J. Angus — to find out what Black History Month means to them.

14 February 2019 Culture

Life@ Spotlight | Nicole LaJeunesse: Running with Heart

By Nohealani WrightDaniel Cecil

In this spotlight, hear about Nicole LaJeunesse’s journey from cardiac arrest at age 22, to running marathons to raise money for the American Heart Association.

07 February 2019 Culture

Life@ Elastic | Celebrating the Lunar New Year in China

By Galen Wang

04 February 2019 Culture

Life@ Spotlight | DJ Gill: Infra Engineer, NodeSchool Mentor

By Nohealani WrightTony Sleva

Elastic wouldn't be Elastic without its Elasticians. In this spotlight, meet DJ Gill. Infra engineer by day, JavaScript mentor by night.

09 November 2018 Culture

Ringing Ze Bell: Our Distributed Celebrations

By Haley Eshagh

A snapshot of the day we "rang ze bell" and celebrated quite a day across our distributed company.

31 October 2018 Culture

Family-Powered Design: Doodles and Drawings from Elastic Kiddos

By Sejal KorenrompYichun Hsieh

Every designer should hope to be as imaginative as a child with a box of crayons and a freshly painted wall.