07 June 2016 Culture

Elastic <3 for the Adopt-a-Character Program and the Unicode Consortium :-)

By Robert MuirJason Dickson

How Elastic engineers and staffers are supporting the Unicode Consortium's Adopt-a-Character program, and why you should donate!

02 June 2016 Culture

Elastic Support: Speaking Code and Human

By Marty Messer

Our VP of Customer Care shares Elastic's philosophy around supporting our customers.

06 April 2016 Culture

Video: Describe Elasticsearch in 3 Words

By Scott Fingerhut

Attendees at Elastic{ON} were asked to describe Elasticsearch in 3 words. Most of them could, some couldn't and a few wouldn't even try!

19 February 2016 Culture

Video: Life Without Elasticsearch?

By Scott Fingerhut

At Elastic{ON}16 we asked attendees "what would life be like without Elasticsearch?"

10 February 2016 Culture

What It's Like to Attend Elastic Training

By Jason Dickson

Where can you have one-on-one interaction with creators when you need to learn about the Elastic Stack? Official Elastic training courses are your best option.

08 February 2016 Culture

Calling All Lady Avengers

By Kristina Frost

Elastic{ON}16's Lady Avengers Breakfast will be part community kick-off, part meet-and-greet, and part breakfast. Chat about tech, culture, diversity, and more.

07 January 2016 Culture

Putting our Butts to Work for Your Elastic{ON} Comfort

By Scott Fingerhut

For the love of Elastic{ON} and the hatred of the chair, we risked our butts to improve your comfort.

07 January 2016 Culture

Elastic donation helps upgrade AbilityNet expert resources

By Mark Walker

AbilityNet's expert resources are to benefit from a donation by Elastic, supplier of tech that can analyse, search and visualise real time data.

06 January 2016 Culture

AMA (Ask Me Anything) World Recap, Bigger Than Ever For Elastic{ON}16

By Ryan Schneider

We recently just wrapped up the world Elastic{ON} Tour. One of the mutual favorite parts of the Elastic{ON} Tour was the AMA Booth (Ask Me Anything).