Life@Elastic Spotlight | Daniel Palay

In recognition of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we talked with two Elasticians from our Accessibility Working Group making our products more accessible, and what accessibility looks like at Elastic now...

Ever wondered what #LifeAtElastic is like for an engineer? Hear from some of our Elasticians on what makes this role unique.

Need tips for parenting during a pandemic? Hear from some of our Elasticians on how they're handling the "new normal."


Someone Like Me | Liza Dayoub on women in open source

There’s no one good way to meet the challenge of working from home with kids for an extended period of time during a global pandemic. Here are a few strategies that might ease the days just a bit...

Learn the how and why behind Elastic’s distributed nature and what being distributed means to us as a business practice and mindset.

The internet is a great educational tool for kids, but also poses dangers. Learn how to teach your kids cybersecurity tips and tricks they can use.


Finding a home (and career) in the open source community

Elastic Cares has set up a Q&A session for students at CareerVillage. Join us in mentoring students as they take the first step in their careers.

Working from home can be tough. As a company that’s distributed by design, we’ve got a few tips and tricks.

In this edition of Someone Like Me, Raya Fratkina shares her experience being a single mother and how distributed work helped her be there for her family.