Why did Jordyn Short return to Elastic? The work environment


Six months after leaving Elastic® to work at a startup, Jordyn Short returned. 

In her first two and a half year stint at Elastic, she was a Senior Technical Consultant before being promoted to Consulting Architect. She rejoined in November 2023 in the same capacity — as a Consulting Architect. In that role, Jordyn supports the customer so they can meet their mission objectives, whether it’s troubleshooting problems or helping to meet their use case, she says. 

Working at a startup was a career goal of Jordyn’s, however the work environment wasn’t conducive. 

“It was fun and chaotic, but I need more stability,” she says. “I have bipolar disorder and I have become more mindful of the types of roles that I take on.”

Because a startup is a newer business, it can feel like a less stable environment, she says. 

“Processes are being developed, you’re creating them as you go along,” Jordyn says. “And in addition to your job, you instinctively feel like you have to fill in spots that need it. It’s all gas, no brakes.”

She reapplied to Elastic and assumed her old role, after assuring she was going to stay.“I needed more structure than I realized, especially because I had a lot of changes happening in my personal life, while trying to learn a new job in a fast-paced environment,” Jordyn says. “Elastic is more established.

Frameworks and workflows exist and it’s built out.” 

Elastic has always presented dynamic opportunities while maintaining a level of consistency, she says. 

On Jordyn’s team, it’s possible to take shorter engagements but also longer ones that offer operational consistency. She was given the opportunity to take on a longer engagement, meaning she works with the same client. That alone is a big help, she says.

“I came back for mental health reasons and I’m so thankful I did,” she says.“I realized I need my career to be a marathon and not a sprint.”

Now Jordyn knows what her triggers are — stress namely — so she can better manage her mental health and achieve longevity. 

“My managers are really supportive and some of my teammates know,” Jordyn says. “There have been some folks who have reached out to me and shared that they are also neurodivergent. I think my transparency makes people more comfortable.” 

In keeping with the marathon mindset, Jordyn plans to enjoy the journey and see where life takes her. But in the future, she hopes to progress to a principal architect role and shift into leadership.  

For others joining Elastic, she advises:

  • Being open to collaboration. It’s a super collaborative work environment.

  • Being ready to be challenged 

  • Asking questions. Nobody expects you to know everything. 

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