Articles by Sarah Lindauer

Power to Fly


Elastic’s Sylvie Lohier shares the secrets to her 4 promotions in 4 years

We sat down with Elastic's Sylvie Lohier to hear how she achieved four promotions in just four years — including the mindset that's guided her growth.


Is support engineering the right fit for you?

We sat down with Kesia to learn more about the road that led to support engineering, along with four questions to ask yourself before diving into the field.


Elastic’s Lisa Jones-Huff reveals how she thrives in a startup atmosphere

Meet Lisa Jones-Huff, senior director of global security specialists at Elastic and a startup enthusiast. From her first startup experience in 2003 to leading a growing team of security experts.


Secrets to successful engineering leadership from Elastic’s Simona Posea

For Simona Posea, visualizing a career in technology came easily. She found she loved learning basic algorithms and languages like C, so she decided to marry her passion with her career.


4 tips to excel in technical support from Elastic's Julie Baxter-Rudd

Elastic's Vice President of Global Customer Support, Julie Baxter-Rudd, got her start in technical support over two decades ago.


Carolyn Herzog was supposed to be a concert violinist. She instead forged a career path that would take her from international development work for Africa to Chief Legal Officer at various technology companies.