Articles by Sarah Lindauer

Power to Fly


Elastic’s Lisa Jones-Huff reveals how she thrives in a startup atmosphere

Meet Lisa Jones-Huff, senior director of global security specialists at Elastic and a startup enthusiast. From her first startup experience in 2003 to leading a growing team of security experts.


Secrets to successful engineering leadership from Elastic’s Simona Posea

For Simona Posea, visualizing a career in technology came easily. She found she loved learning basic algorithms and languages like C, so she decided to marry her passion with her career.


4 tips to excel in technical support from Elastic's Julie Baxter-Rudd

Elastic's Vice President of Global Customer Support, Julie Baxter-Rudd, got her start in technical support over two decades ago.


Carolyn Herzog was supposed to be a concert violinist. She instead forged a career path that would take her from international development work for Africa to Chief Legal Officer at various technology companies.