Onboarding at Elastic: What to expect


Elastic is a fully distributed organization by design, so when you start working with us, you’re in good and experienced hands. Your first few weeks will be filled with reaching out to and meeting with people (both on your immediate teams and with others). 

Shelby Khan, Brand Strategy Director at Elastic, who started her role in January 2022, says, “To meet people, you put time on their calendars,” Shelby says. “It’s the equivalent of walking through the office.” 

Because Elastic is distributed, people are used to it. “Everyone was nice and kind when I reached out,” she says.

Elastic’s formal, virtual onboarding experience is
designed to give every new hire a warm welcome and a solid foundation from day one. Virtual onboarding is just as effective as in person, Jess Bargeloh, Learning and Organizational Development Sr. Specialist at Elastic, says. “There’s some evidence behind that.” 

Central to our onboarding experience is X-School—a comprehensive program designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive at Elastic. Conducted in two different time zones to accommodate our global workforce, X-School provides a platform for new hires to connect with Elasticians worldwide.

“Being inclusive to all time zones is something we're really proud of,” Jess says.

X-School is one of the first chances a new hire has to connect with Elasticians around the globe. 

“There are a lot of breakout groups,” Jess says. “Elasticians have a chance to be with people in other countries.” 

Through engaging sessions and interactive activities, participants not only gain valuable insights into Elastic's culture but also build lasting relationships with their peers. Every aspect of X-School is designed to foster personal and professional growth. X-School teaches you how to be successful at Elastic, Jess says.

The program is three days of classroom virtual experience with the aforementioned breakout sessions and group work. The fourth day is reserved for a panel with senior leadership. But, before their X-School cohort kicks off, new hires are asked to complete some pre-work before attending their first session, like learning courses or self-study.

“Once they get to the virtual sessions they can have a dialogue about what they learned instead of hearing for the first time,” Jess says. 

Included in X-School programming is information on Elastic’s products, solutions, history, and Source Code.

We also go over different behavior like DEI, growth mindset, and how we treat each other, Jess says. And X-School covers best practices for collaboration and prioritization, something Elasticians didn’t expect but appreciated. 

“X-School is a mixture of understanding company culture in a remote environment and getting familiar with the company,” Khan says.

As an added bonus, learners also get a jump start with classes from the Elastic Beehive, our Elastician Success model. The Beehive represents what we look for when we bring in new talent, where we focus when developing our existing talent, and the standards we set ourselves so we know how well we’re performing.

To cap off the week is an AMA with Elastic senior leadership, which has always been a fan favorite, Jess says. X-School runs every 4-6 weeks, depending on the number of new hires. 

Ilya Nikokoshev, Senior Software Engineer at Elastic and recent X-School participant, says he had a great X-School experience.  

“This is easily the best onboarding program that I have experienced and I will be sure to mention it as one of the things that make Elastic a great place to be,” he says. 

To get the most of our X-School, Jess recommends:

Prepare: Fully immerse yourself in the X-School experience by completing your pre-work and actively participating in virtual sessions. This dedicated time is invaluable for laying a strong foundation in your role at Elastic.

Connect: Embrace the chance to connect with other Elasticians worldwide during X-School. These relationships are not only valuable professionally, but can also provide support as you acclimate to your role and life at Elastic.

Be open: While starting a new job may present challenges, it's also an exciting opportunity for personal and professional growth. Approach this journey with enthusiasm and openness to new experiences—it's a chance to learn, grow, and have fun along the way.

You’re one job application way from your X-School journey. Learn more about careers at Elastic and search open roles. 

This blog was originally published on 07/07/22.