Articles by Bobby Suber


How to find anomalies in the sea of Splunk Zeek data

This blog will illustrate how to easily configure the Elastic Agent Zeek integration to pull data from the Splunk API. Once the data is in Elastic, then you can search, analyze, and act on it using the prebuilit ML jobs.


How the third-largest US county uses Elastic to accelerate investigations

Across the US, law enforcement teams are using solutions like Elastic to save time and improve accuracy as they use data for investigations. Harris County, TX, is one such government seeing success with accelerated, consolidated investigative search.


K-12 schools are struggling with cybersecurity — Here’s how a SIEM can help

As K-12 school districts in the U.S. look to purchase a SIEM to stop threats and meet cyber insurance requirements, make sure you’re getting the most possible value out of your purchase.


How search enables role-based data classification and sharing across the government

Government departments see great value in data sharing but face hurdles in implementation due to silos and compliance requirements. Learn how Elastic helps overcome these hurdles and keeps department, IT, and data science stakeholders in sync.