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Elastic Stack + Cloud

Learn more about the Elastic Search Platform, including Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Elastic Cloud.


5 reasons IT leaders need vector search to improve search experiences

Meet customer demands with vector search — faster search powered by machine learning. Learn 5 reasons why vector search can make a difference for your business and improve your search experience.


How to leverage big healthcare data to improve consumers’ lives

In this post, we share our Ansible-based automated deployment and configuration solution for ELK which powers real-time internal search capabilities at Carelon and helps the organization improve consumers’ health and wellbeing.


How I used Elastic Maps to plan my cycling trip and find unique roads

Learn how one Elastician used Elastic Maps to build a dashboard to visualize a week-long cycling trip roadmap with unique routes.


Elastic Stack & Cloud 8.5: AIOps, collaboration, vector search GA, and more

Elastic Stack 8.5 has more ways to collaborate and annotate, plus root cause analysis for AIOps. Unlock new potential with vector search using HNSW (now GA). For cloud deployments, leverage simplified health monitoring to get up and running, fast.


Tracking peak time for trick-or-treaters in Kibana

We all have fond memories of dressing up in costumes and trick-or-treating. Have you ever wondered when the peak time for trick-or-treating is? Learn how to ingest data and build visualizations with Kibana to show when to expect trick-or-treaters.


What can Elastic Synthetics tell us about Kibana Dashboards?

Elastic Synthetics enables you to configure an out-of-the-box experience directly through your Elastic Cloud deployment without the need to install anything! It also works across the globe with multiple locations you can choose from.


The easy way to find security privileges in Elasticsearch

It can be hard to find the required privileges for strict security in Elasticsearch. This blog post outlines the procedures used to find required privileges in two examples.


The art of the possible: Arming U.S. Veterans with knowledge

Elastic can help us understand the data that impacts our daily lives and guides our decisions. Learn how one Elastic employee transformed data into something that provides invaluable insight and answers common questions in the veteran community.


By the numbers: Public sector organizations quantify the benefits of Elastic solutions

To help public sector organizations better understand how their peers are using Elastic and what results they’re seeing, we partnered with Socratic Technologies to manage and analyze a survey of our public sector and education customers.