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Elastic Stack + Cloud

Learn more about the Elastic Search Platform, including Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Elastic Cloud.

Elastic and AWS Serverless Application Repository (SAR): Speed time to actionable insights with frictionless log ingestion from Amazon S3

Ingest logs frictionlessly from Amazon S3 with Elastic’s new serverless forwarder available in the AWS Serverless Application Repository (SAR). Accelerate actionable insights with a unified view across your multi-cloud environments.

Elastic enables financial services customers to react faster with data

Elastic initiated a customer study through a survey managed and analyzed by Socratic Technologies. The findings show that for financial services customers, Elastic has strong quantified benefits across all solution areas.

How to build a Managed Detection and Response Service with Elastic XDR and Corelight

In this blog post, we discuss using the Elastic eXtended Detection and Response platform with the power of Corelight Network Detection and Response to build a mature Managed Detection and Response Service and bring its capabilities to users.


3 information and operational technology trends making waves in manufacturing

Find out what's top of mind for manufacturing companies as they actively drive IT and OT convergence for increased productivity, faster innovation, and a more trustworthy customer experience.


Search and replicate data between your Elastic Cloud and on-prem deployments

Customers can now replicate data from on-prem to cloud (and vice versa) and search data across their cloud and on-prem clusters, all from a single search interface.


Top 5 ways to optimize your Elastic Cloud costs

Elastic Cloud comes with many benefits, including the ability to lower your total cost of ownership. Learn the top five ways you can optimize your cloud cost while maintaining performance.


How does Elastic Cloud pricing work?

When you leverage Elastic Cloud, you can apply search-powered solutions to any kind of data. Get a better understanding of how Elastic Cloud pricing works and the benefits provided.


Elasticsearch 8.3: Easily revive that old data archive

Don’t let data go end of life. Simply use snapshots as archives in Elasticsearch 8.3 to easily and quickly search your old data for governance, security investigations, and historical lookbacks – now GA.


Improving performance and optimizing cost on Elastic Cloud has never been easier

Hardware profile migration streamlines the migration process with no downtime and allows you to choose the most cost-effective hardware for your needs. Always ensure you're running the right combination of compute, memory, and storage for your worklo


Elasticsearch, Kibana, Elastic Cloud 8.3: Search & replicate across any cluster

In 8.3, search and replicate data in any environment. Query old snapshots without the need of an old Elasticsearch cluster. Try out new alerting capabilities in Kibana and template migration for Elastic Cloud users to easily migrate deployments.


How public sector organisations connect people with data in the United Kingdom

Public sector leaders gathered in London to discuss how they use data to protect countries from cyber threats, enable police to make discerning decisions, and analyze data for public health breakthroughs. Presentation highlights are captured here.


The multicloud advantage: scalability, reliability, flexibility

As multicloud adoption grows, so do the risks of sticking with single providers or legacy systems