Articles by Francesco Di Stefano

Senior Solutions Architect, Elastic

Francesco is a senior solutions architect at Elastic. He has several years of experience leading global organizations in the realization of digital transformation, data modernization, and the adoption of AI. He has a strong background in cybersecurity and cloud. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano and outdoor sports.


Transforming SAP observability: The Elastic-Kyndryl partnership

The Elastic-Kyndryl partnership offers a revolutionary solution for real-time SAP system monitoring. This innovative approach ensures comprehensive SAP observability, optimizing performance and promoting proactive anomaly detection.


Mainframe observability with Elastic and Kyndryl

Elastic and Kyndryl have developed a mainframe observability solution. This solution leverages Elastic technology for data ingestion and analysis, coupled with batch job analytics for robust anomaly detection and early warning system.


Accelerating R&D in pharma with Elasticsearch, ESRE, LLMs, and LangChain — Part 1

Learn how to leverage ESRE and generative AI in order to enable R&D organizations to interact with data effectively and make better decisions in the drug discovery process. The challenges with privacy and missing context will also be addressed.


A comprehensive guide for workload migration to the cloud with the Elasticsearch Platform, ElastiFlow, and Kyndryl

This blog explores the key phases of cloud migration and the potential hurdles. To address these challenges, the Elastic platform, ElastiFlow's network flow data analytics, and Kyndryl's expert services together offer a comprehensive solution.


Transforming enterprise data monitoring: The Elastic-Kyndryl partnership

The Elastic-Kyndryl partnership leverages advanced analytics and enterprise data management expertise to monitor data pipelines. This collaboration empowers businesses with reliable data, fostering informed decision-making and data integrity.