Articles by Dimitri Marx

Partner Solutions Architecture Lead, Elastic

Dimitri is partner solutions architecture lead at Elastic and has worked with open source technologies for the past 10 years. Dimitri and his team help customers discover the value of search and solve challenging problems around structured and unstructured data.


Accelerating R&D in pharma with Elasticsearch, ESRE, LLMs, and LangChain — Part 1

Learn how to leverage ESRE and generative AI in order to enable R&D organizations to interact with data effectively and make better decisions in the drug discovery process. The challenges with privacy and missing context will also be addressed.


A comprehensive guide for workload migration to the cloud with the Elasticsearch Platform, ElastiFlow, and Kyndryl

This blog explores the key phases of cloud migration and the potential hurdles. To address these challenges, the Elastic platform, ElastiFlow's network flow data analytics, and Kyndryl's expert services together offer a comprehensive solution.


How to build comprehensive customer financial profiles with Elastic Cloud and Google Cloud

Financial institutions have vast amounts of data about their customers, but many of them struggle to use that data to their advantage. Elastic and Google Cloud enable institutions to manage this information effectively.


The Future of Data: Big, Fast, Ubiquitous

This is the first of a series of articles on recent search technologies used across various businesses and Elastic's vision of modern data analysis.


#BYODemos: New York City Traffic Incidents