AI for public sector

For government, healthcare, and education industries, AI is already changing how organizations serve citizens, patients, and students.

When it comes to generative AI, the key is securely integrating your private data with public large language models (LLMs). That’s where Elasticsearch comes in: We can securely connect your domain data to your choice of LLM, for hyper-relevant mission results.

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Your internal data + generative AI

Generative AI is only as useful as the data it’s trained on. Large language models (LLMs) trained on publicly available data are subject to hallucinations and won’t be specific to your agency or mission.

On the other hand, integrating your own data with generative AI produces results that are accurate, relevant, and actionable.

Elastic securely connects your data store with third-party LLMs, or your own transformer model.


A security-first approach to AI

For public sector organizations working with sensitive data, making sure you securely integrate with public generative AI is non-negotiable.

As a trusted partner of government and defense agencies for 10+ years, Elastic has reliably secured sensitive and classified information through role-based data sharing (RBAC) and document-level controls.


AIOps for operational resilience

Public sector organizations are turning to Elastic for visibility across their entire IT environments.

Using the AIOps capabilities in Elastic Observability, you can apply intelligent, automated incident detection and response in order to speed remediation and keep your mission on track.


Democratized ML insights & analytics

Elastic makes it easy for anyone on your team to access and use ML-powered insights – they don’t have to be data scientists.

Intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities and wizard-based workflows allow any user to quickly pivot data and share across teams, enabling real-time collaboration and remediation, from anywhere your mission requires.


Using generative AI to better serve the public

Innovations in semantic search and generative AI open up myriad opportunities to better serve the public. Students and citizens can query a website to get personalized information. Government and university employees can save hours of their workday by quickly surfacing information from internal documents and resources. Explore the blogs below for more details.

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    How the U.K. Ministry of Defence (MOD) can use generative AI to power missions.

  • Healthcare

    6 ways that generative AI can change the healthcare industry as we know it.

  • Higher Education

    University IT teams can implement generative AI to help students, faculty, and staff find the information they need fast. Here’s how to make it happen.

  • Local Government

    Generative AI has the potential to significantly improve citizen experiences by increasing access to public services and delivering personalized output.

  • National Security

    U.S. agencies can align with the Intelligence Community Data Strategy and prepare for generative AI, using the same strategy and tools.

Generative AI for government

Watch generative AI in action

Generative AI has the power to improve how government agencies approach citizen experiences. Watch this video to see how governments can leverage generative AI to enable citizen search and enhanced digital experiences.

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