Elastic Observability

Elastic Observability accelerates problem resolution with open, flexible, and unified observability powered by advanced machine learning and analytics. Elastic ingests all operational and business telemetry and correlates for faster root cause detection.


Production workloads

While in technical preview, Elastic Observability serverless projects should not be used for production workloads.

Get started

Get started with Logs

Add your log data to Elastic Observability and start exploring your logs.

Get started with traces and APM

Collect Application Performance Monitoring (APM) data and visualize it in real time.

Get started with metrics

Add your metrics data to Elastic Observability and visualize it in real time.

How to

Explore log data

Use Discover to explore your log data.

Trigger alerts and triage problems

Create rules to detect complex conditions and trigger alerts.

Track and deliver on your SLOs

Measure key metrics important to the business.

Detect anomalies and spikes

Find unusual behavior in time series data.

Monitor application performance

Monitor your software services and applications in real time.

Integrate with OpenTelemetry

Reuse existing APM instrumentation to capture logs, traces, and metrics.

Monitor your hosts and services

Get a metrics-driven view of your hosts backed by an interface called Lens.