Elastic Contributor Program

We created the Elastic Contributor Program to recognize and reward the hard work of our awesome contributors, encourage knowledge sharing within the Elastic community, and build friendly competition around contributions.

Top contributors

Meet our Gold Contributors from all over the world and learn how they've been contributing to the Elastic Community.

How it works

Earn points by organizing events, presenting at events, writing content, recording videos, translating content, contributing code, answering technical questions, or validating others' contributions. At the end of the cycle top contributors will be rewarded with awesome Elastic prizes.


Submitting a contribution

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to submit your contributions in the Elastic Contributor Program portal.


Contributor resources

Find everything you need to contribute to the Elastic community.

  • Community organizer guide

    From choosing a venue to budgeting for refreshments.

  • Speaker guide

    Everything you need to take the stage and rock your presentation.