Elastic Contributor Program FAQ

How do I submit a contribution?

You can submit a contribution using the Elastic Contributor portal. If you are looking for step-by-step guidance visit the submission page.

Who validates the submissions?

The Elastic Community team and other contributors in the program will be validating each submission before points are awarded. Each contribution must be validated by the Elastic team or by 3 (three) different community members. You will not be allowed to validate your own submission and you can validate each contribution only once. For more guidance see how to validate a contribution.

In what languages can I validate submissions?

When you set up your profile you can indicate the languages in which you are proficient. You will have access to contributions made in the same language(s) as you set on your profile. If you speak more than one language, you may validate contributions in multiple languages.

What types of contributions are accepted?

We currently accept organized events, presentations, written content, videos, translations, answering technical questions on discuss.elastic.co and Stack Overflow, and code contributions.

What criteria do I have to meet for a submission to be accepted?

Each type of contribution must meet a set of criteria in order to be validated. Visit our rules page to review that criteria.

If I present the same content at different events, can I submit each presentation separately?

Yes! If you present the same presentation at different events to different audiences, you can submit each presentation as a separate contribution. If you present the same content multiple times during one event (to different audiences at different times, for example), you may also submit each presentation separately.

If I am creating a video series, can I submit each video as a separate submission?

No, a video series will only count as a single submission. Please link to the playlist when you are submitting your contribution, not the individual videos.

If I contribute code to an open source project that uses Elastic will this meet the criteria for the code category?

Yes! You can submit code contributions that are done to other repositories, as long as they use one or more Elastic technologies.

How do I submit security contributions?

Contributions to the Elastic Security community are very welcome. Please take a look at this blog post to learn how you can make security contributions.

How can I contribute code to Elastic projects?

You can visit the Elastic GitHub repository, and follow the contributing guidelines developed by the Elastic engineering team.

How can I contribute code to non-Elastic repos?

If you have worked on a project or have done a demo with one or more technologies of the Elastic Stack, you can submit them to the Elastic Contributor Program. On the rules page you'll find the requirements for both "demo" and "project" contributions.

Can you earn more than one point from multiple answers on the same technical question?

No, you can only submit one answer per technical question. Multiple answers on the same question will be declined.

If a duplicate technical question exists on discuss.elastic.co or Stack Overflow, can I receive points for my answer?

Only if the duplicate question was not answered. If the duplicate question was already answered your submission will be declined.

Do points roll over into the next year of the program?

No, points will be reset annually after each submission period.

Do I earn extra points with presentation and written content?

If you submit a presentation you can earn one additional point by uploading the slide deck used in your presentation. The slide deck must be shared to a publicly accessible website. You can earn one extra point on your written content contribution by sharing your article or blog post via social media. Just upload a link to your post or tweet. While we encourage you to share your content across as many platforms as you’d like, you can only earn one additional point for sharing your content on social media.

How can I earn bonus points?

You can ear bonus points in different ways. Every time you make contributions under at least five different contribution types, you'll earn 6 bonus points.

For example: if you submit a video, code, technical Q&A, presentation and written content, on top of the points from each submission, you'll earn 6 bonus points. We want to encourage contributors to explore multiple contribution types and become experts on Elastic.

Or if you make at least three Submissions for Elastic Solutions (Security, Observability, or Search) other than Elastic Stack. It doesn't have to be one submission for each Solution; for example, you could make two Submissions for Security and one for Observability. All three Submissions must be validated before you receive the points. You'll get 6 points per group of contributions.

How can I refer someone to the Contributor Program and earn points?

If you'd like to invite someone to join the program, you can refer them through the portal and earn points. You need to log in to the portal through your account, go to the "Refer Contributor" tab on the menu and add their email address. Once the referred person makes their first valid contribution, using the same email address as the one you entered in the "Refer Contributor" tab, you will score six points. They can submit any type of contribution — except contribution validation — for you to score the points but you'll score the points only once per valid referral.

Will the person I refer receive an invitation to join the program through the portal?

No, they will not. You'll need to let them know you have successfully referred them through the portal and ask them to create their profile. It's important they use the same email address as the one used on the referral otherwise you won't get the points.

How do I know if my referral has already submitted a valid contribution?

Once they make their first valid contribution, you'll get a notification when you log in to the portal. No action is needed from you as the points will be automatically granted.

What happens if there is a tie in the final ranking?

If there is a tie between two or more contributors, we will consider who reached the winning score first, the number of contributions with the highest point value, and the number of contributions submitted.

How many contributors will be awarded?

Each of the three regions will award the top 10 contributors. The top 2 contributors will be awarded Elastic Gold, the following 3 contributors will be Elastic Silver, and the remaining 5 contributors will be Elastic Bronze. In the event there are fewer than ten (10) contributors in a region, winners in each tier will be decided at Elastic’s sole discretion.

Can I exchange my prizes for something else?

No, winners will not be able to exchange their prizes.

Can I dispute a declined validation?

Mistakes happen! If you believe your contribution was incorrectly declined during the validation process, you can contest it and explain to us why your submission should be accepted. If you have further problems, let us know at contributors@elastic.co.

If I organize a meetup and present a lecture at the same meetup, can I score points for both organization and presentation?

Yes! You will need to submit one contribution per category. In this case, one for “Event Organization” and one for “Presentation.”

Can I record a tutorial video and write an article about the same topic?

Yes! You will need to submit one contribution per category. In this case, one for “Video Recordings” and one for “Written Content.”

Can I submit a non-technical video about my Elastic use case?

Yes, as long as you demonstrate how you use the product —and it is not an advertisement.

Can I submit something that someone else has already submitted?

It depends. If you helped write an article, for example, as long as your name is listed as a co-author you can submit it, too. Plagiarized contributions will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the program.

Is there a limit on how many contributions I can make?

There is not a limit on the total number of contributions you can make, however, we do limit the number of daily contributions a contributor can submit for validation on the portal to a maximum of 10. We believe this will encourage contributors to not submit a large amount of contributions all at once, which may lead to an unfair and inaccurate leaderboard.

Can I see the contributions submitted by other participants of the program?

Yes. Once you're logged in the portal, you'll have access to the list of all the participants per region and you'll be able to see all of their validated contributions as well.

Can companies or organizations participate?

Prizes and awards are given to individuals, however we’d love for companies and organizations to encourage their employees or members to participate!

What are the submission dates for next year's competition?

Dates will be announced after the end of this year's competition.

Do you have any other questions about the program?
Send an email to contributors@elastic.co