Splunk replacement for observability

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Splunk Replacement Resources

Get started with Elastic

No matter where you are in your migration journey, we’re here to help.

  • Why businesses are switching to Elastic

    Learn the differences in licensing and architecture, as well as why Elastic’s speed and scalability are key differentiators.

  • Migrating to the Elastic Stack

    Follow these best practices to seamlessly migrate to Elastic from legacy platforms such as Splunk, while minimizing disruption, risk, and cost.

  • Kibana training for Splunk SPL users

    Translate your Splunk analysis skills to Elastic with 15-day free access to our Kibana for Splunk Users training course.

Splunk replacement features

Advantages of using Elastic

Find critical answers quickly, scale with confidence, and break down silos in your organization.

  • A unified platform

    Break down data silos. Stream all of your observability data into a single place and analyze it from any perspective with the Elastic Stack.
  • Pricing that won’t break the bank

    Scale logically and predictably with Elastic as your strategic partner. Pay only for the data you use with resource-based pricing.

  • Accelerated investigations

    Reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) by correlating your logs, metrics, and traces to identify root causes faster.
  • An active, open community of technical experts

    Join passionate professionals who are learning and building together. Adding Elasticsearch to your resume catches the attention of innovative employers.

  • At-scale deployment with low admin costs

    Spread workloads across tenants and geographic locations with features like cross-cluster search and replication, all while achieving a federated, global view.

  • Immediate insights with intuitive visualizations

    Add data and start visualizing in a snap. Follow guided experiences for ingesting common data types, then simply drag and drop to create instant visualizations.

Splunk Replacement Customers

See who’s switched to Elastic

Learn how organizations benefited from migrating their deployments to the Elastic Stack.

  • Customer Spotlight

    Learn how Ellie Mae achieved their goal of creating a single pane of glass across all environments — increasing efficiency, savings, and innovation.

  • Customer Spotlight

    By migrating from Splunk, Entel has the capacity to grow its data ingest and can now provide 24/7 visibility into critical services across IT and business teams.

  • Customer Spotlight

    ORNL transitioned from Splunk to Elasticsearch to improve their ability to manage security for roughly 20,000 endpoints through log monitoring and anomaly detection at scale.

Splunk replacement for logging

Elastic Observability

Adopt the Elastic (ELK) Stack, the most popular solution for logging. And broaden your visibility to include metrics and APM data in one stack with the Elastic Observability solution.


Do more with Elastic

Bring the speed, scale, and relevance of Elastic to other areas of your business.

  • Enterprise Search

    Enterprise Search

    Powerful, modern search experiences for your workplace, website, or applications.

  • Security


    Get comprehensive prevention, detection, and response for your organization.