Splunk replacement for logs, security, and observability

Choose a unified observability and security platform that's fast, affordable, and built for the future.

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No matter where you are in your observability or security journey, we're here to help.

  • Unleash the full power of your log data with Elastic

    Understand the differences in licensing and architecture, as well as why Elastic's speed and scalability are key differentiators.

  • Modernize your observability and security practices

    Discover Elastic's search-powered AI capabilities, including context-rich analytics, machine learning, anomaly detection, and our new generative AI Assistant.

  • Why Elastic for modern, unified observability

    Amid cost pressures and modernizing environments, Splunk customers have a choice to make. Learn why modern application and operations teams are making the smart shift to Elastic Observability.

Advantages of using Elastic

Find critical answers quickly, eliminate blind spots, scale with confidence, and break down silos in your organization.

  • Built with a search analytics platform

    Apply search and AI to the entire data estate with embedded machine learning, generative AI, and data analytics. Utilize simple drag-and-drop visualizations or our lightning fast piped query language to get insights in a snap.

  • Simple, resource-based pricing

    Scale logically and predictably. Elastic's entire platform is sold as a single SKU, so you can adapt your usage as your needs change. It's priced via a transparent resource-based consumption model, making it easy to predict costs. See how our customers cut costs by migrating from Splunk to Elastic.

  • The answers you need, in milliseconds

    Accelerate problem resolution no matter where your data is. Searching across geos takes milliseconds, not seconds, and querying archival tiers takes minutes, not hours.

  • An active, open community of technical experts

    Elastic is an API-first solution that supports open standards and data transformation, which means we can grow with you and adapt to shifting strategies.

  • Commitment to innovation

    Elastic's commitment to innovation enables you to scale and transform as you're ready — whether you're adopting open standards, harnessing generative AI, or migrating to a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environment.

  • Unified security and observability

    Break down silos with Elastic! You'll get integrated full stack observability with log analytics, application performance monitoring (APM), infrastructure monitoring, and more, along with a robust SIEM solution used by security teams worldwide, all in a single, unified platform.

See who opted for Elastic

Learn how organizations benefited from using Elastic for Observability.

  • Customer spotlight

    Learn how Cox Communications was able to scale its business and increase efficiency by moving to Elastic.

  • Customer spotlight

    By migrating from Splunk, Entel has the capacity to grow its data ingest and can now provide continuous visibility into critical services across IT and business teams.

  • Customer spotlight

    Oak Ridge National Labs safeguards the world's fastest supercomputer with Elastic, storing 6 months of data (300B documents) and cutting search times from minutes to seconds vs. Splunk.

Splunk replacement for logging

Elastic Observability

Take the first step by consolidating your logs on Elastic and gain the benefits of a unified observability solution built with search-powered AI. With end-to-end visibility across all your logs, metrics, and traces, correlated and in context, you can decrease mean time to resolution (MTTR) and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Splunk Replacement for SIEM

Elastic Security

Modernize security operations with an open solution that eliminates blind spots, protects at scale, and raises team productivity. Elastic Security unifies the capabilities of SIEM and security analytics, endpoint security, and cloud security. With advanced entity analytics and AI-driven guidance, it equips security teams to reduce risk and advance SecOps maturity.

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Splunk to Elastic migration services

Launch your Splunk to Elastic migration with Elastic Consulting. Experience a seamless migration with our repeatable framework that is scalable and customizable across all deployments and business needs.

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