Generative AI for cybersecurity: An optimistic but uncertain future

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Generative AI has been a hot topic ever since the introduction of ChatGPT in November 2022. While the pros and cons have been widely debated across the entirety of the technology landscape, it's not controversial to say that generative AI holds a lot of potential for cybersecurity. But do security leaders actually feel confident with the technology at their doorstep?

To explore the present and future of generative AI in security, TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) surveyed 370 IT and cybersecurity professionals across North America. Elastic is excited to sponsor and present ESG's Generative AI for Cybersecurity: An Optimistic but Uncertain Future.

Download this ebook to see insights including:

  • How are organizations approaching generative AI governance?
  • Who benefits more from generative AI usage: attackers or defenders?
  • How common is it for organizations to develop their own proprietary large language model (LLM)?
  • Where do security leaders believe generative AI can deliver the most value?

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